Kim Woo Seok Shows Alluring Charms In 1st MV Teaser For “Red Moon”

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Kim Woo Seok overwhelms as the ultimate sexy visual in teaser video for “Red Moon”.

Kim Woo Seok is back with the teasers for his comeback and this time it is a music video snippet from one his title tracks, “Red Moon”. This is the first out of two and it is already quite fascinating to watch.

Kim Woo Seok Red Moon

The video is anything but disappointing. Wooseok has captured even more hearts and secured the ones that were already there with this captivating teaser.

Through the MV teaser, Kim Woo Seok continues to show his diverse charms. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing backgrounds with bright, eye-catching colors, the idol’s choice of clothes perfectly matches his vibes.

Also, his intense facial expressions and stares create a sexy and alluring feel. Just like the sin that is Greed, it makes one think he is trying to capture everyone under his spell. And so far, he is succeeding.

Even the seemingly soft frames turned out to be more daring in the end. Just a deep gaze or swift hand movements is enough to enchant any viewer into falling for Woo Seok’s charms.

In particular, the burning image of fire and Kim Woo Seok holding a lit up match in his mouth, draws keen attention. He successfully continues to raise expectations for his endeavours as a solo singer.

Last week, the idol started the countdown for his return with a series of concept photos and short films. Three versions for each were revealed, offering his various attractive points such as sexiness, innocence and magnificence.

The teasers will continue until the release of the album 1ST DESIRE [GREED] on May 25th.

Source: Xportsnews, TOP Media YouTube

Image Credit: Screenshots taken from TOP Media YouTube channel