Kim Woo Seok Shares Scheduler For His Debut Solo Album

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Let the countdown begin as Kim Woo Seok shares the scheduler for his solo debut.

With the date of Kim Woo Seok’s debut approaching, the idol’s agency has finally released a schedule for the upcoming content.

Kim Woo Seok schedule

At midnight on May 11, TOP Media entertainment revealed through various social media platforms the long awaited scheduler for Kim Woo Seok’s solo debut. From the looks of it, the fans will be in for a treat starting May 12.

Kim Woo Seok has three types of photo concepts and special short films in store for Nia, his fandom. Those will be released accordingly until May 15, after which there will be a short break before the rest of the teasers take over.

Finally, both the album and the music video for his title track will be unveiled on May 25th. Although, the album and the main song titles are yet to be announced.

What is known so far is, Kim Woo Seok took part in creating the album. He has a special song for his fans on it.

Nia has been waiting patiently for the former X1 and UP10TION member to make his return. Since the solo debut was announced, excitement and expectation rose into both the fans and the public.

Kim Woo Seok is currently releasing his own reality show through the Seezn app, called Wooseok’s Unboxing. It airs twice a week and shows parts of his daily life and his preparations for the debut. Through it, fans get to learn more about the idol and the love he has for Nia.

The real countdown is just starting. Almost every day, a new teaser will be unveiled and now fans know what to expect, thanks to the solo debut scheduler.

Source: TOP Media Entertainment

Image credit: TOP Media Entertainment

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