Kim Yohan Drops More Dreamy Teasers For Upcoming Solo Debut With “No More”

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Kim Yohan of rookie group WEi delights fans with diverse previews, revealing his exciting concept for his solo debut this month!

Kim Yohan of OUI Entertainment’s upcoming boy group WEi, continues to unveil more spectacular teasers as his arrival to the K-pop scene gets nearer.

The young idol recently released a new set of concept previews, a lyrics sneak peek and a music video teaser, showcasing the overall image he wants to exhibit.

Published by OUI Entertainment on August 19, the new set of concept photos demonstrated Kim Yohan’s growth in his appearance and overall personality.

While exuding a mysterious yet subtle gaze, the singer posed among retro-looking props in a confident and appealing manner.

Kim Yohan

The male singer stole fans’ attention through his mesmerizing look in the music video teaser unveiled on August 20.

As he beautifully vocalizes a snippet of his song, Kim Yohan perfectly embodies the summer season through his youthful and refreshing aura.

Moreover, the sought-after idol adds a distinct touch to the overall vibe of the track through his striking and charismatic vocals.

In between the teasers, Kim Yohan also released a lyrics image, revealing the sweet and thoughtful message of his upcoming solo track.

Kim Yohan Lyrics Image

The said image also revealed that the singer participated in writing the lyrics of the song, along with hip-hop and R&B soloist Zion T.


The popular idol previously bared two sets of concept images, containing his solo debut date and the title of his upcoming digital single.

Along with the posters, a debut scheduler, which outlines the singer’s upcoming activities, was also released, making spectators more eager to witness his official debut as a soloist.

Moreover, the said debut promotion plan will officially culminate on August 27, with the release of his new song’s choreography video.

Meanwhile, Kim Yohan will release his first single “No More”, along with its music video on August 25 at 6 PM KST.

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