Kiss&Cry Lee Haena auditions for Superstar K6; says group disbanded

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Picture: MBC

Picture: MBC

Kiss&Cry member Lee Haena was recently spotted auditioning Superstar K6. On the show, she said that the group, which debuted in January this year, has officially disbanded.

She said: “We were a very family-like group. My dream is for us to regroup again someday. Although we didn’t become famous and we’re disbanded, I want to stand on stage and get my name out there and get Kiss&Cry’s name out there too.”

However, the groups official fancafe has released a different statement in conflict to what Lee Haena has reported.

This is Winning Insight M.
This is a message for Kiss&Cry fans.
We have sad news for all the fans.
Kiss&Cry has momentarily stopped activities due to various internal company issues.
But this is not to say they’ve disbanded completely, we can only say there are various changing factors.
First of all, member issue or situation is dynamic and we want to confirm that currently one of the members Lee Haena has finished her contract and is currently appearing in Superstar K.
Our company wishes that Haena, who is on attempting something new on a new path, wish all the luck and success with unchanging love and affection from the fans.
Thank you.

It seems that the group only has a temporary halted their activities, but because of Lee Haena’s statement, the future of the group is definitely unclear.

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