Korean Red Cross Thanks BTS’ Jimin And ARMYs For Generous Blood Donation Birthday Project

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ARMYs had gone to celebrate Jimin’s birthday in true BTS spirit – and the Korean Red Cross definitely appreciated it!

The Seoul Central Blood Institute of the Korean Red Cross has announced that it will pass on a letter of appreciation to BTS’ Jimin as a sign of its gratitude for his fans’ blood donation initiative in honor of his birthday.

bts jimin birthday red cross

Photo from Newsen

BTS’ ARMYs had decided to make the birthday celebration of the band’s vocalist and dancer Jimin more meaningful by holding a month-long blood drive. This blood donation project began on September 14 and wrapped up successfully on October 13 at two stations – the Gwanghwamun Center and Hongik University.

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The Korean Red Cross stated that more than 750 fans had participated in the project, including some who couldn’t donate blood for various reasons. It also revealed that around 585 fans had made blood donations between September 14 and October 13.

bts jimin birthday red cross

Photo from Newsen

Additionally, ARMYs also donated blood voucher cards, which can be used at hospitals to cover transfusion fees. These cards were all placed under Jimin’s name and would be given to patients in need of financial support for their blood transfusion.

Besides the blood donation drive, K-ARMYs also hosted a movie screening for underprivileged children at the CGV theater in Seoul. They made donations for Lou Gehrig patients through the Foundation for the Promotion of Hope, children who are cancer patients through the Korea Child Cancer Foundation, and animal care organizations through KARA as well.

Other than the several initiatives from Korean fans, Jimin’s birthday was also celebrated by Vietnamese ARMYs by giving school supplies and snacks to underprivileged children. Uruguayan ARMYs also made a fundraiser for children with autism and donated everything under Jimin’s name.

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