Korean Scientists Commend BTS For Integrating Science On “134340”

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Korean scientists have expressed awe at BTS for integrating science on their song “134340”!

During a gathering of opinion leaders in the Daeduk Innovation Network on August 30, several Korean scientists had the chance to sit down and give a listen to BTS’ “134340”.

“134340” is a song off BTS’ album Love Yourself: Tear which contains a plethora of denotations and symbolism related to Pluto. The group used the sad news of Pluto losing its planetary status and moving away from the sun as a metaphor for loneliness and the feeling of abandonment.

korean scientists listening to bts 134340

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In fact, the track’s title is the number designated to Pluto once it got demoted into a minor planet. It got stripped of its “Pluto” identity and is now stuck in the same category as asteroids, trans-Neptunian objects, and fellow dwarf planets.

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The lyrics of the song talk about how one can’t seem to leave their significant other who his or her life once revolved around despite the fact that the significant other had already erased him or her from their lives. BTS compares this situation to 134340, who still orbits the sun despite losing its planetary status.

“134340” contained lyrics like “I’m just a number and a dark Pluto that’s hard for you to remember”, “Did you really find the Eris? Tell me, what does the moon have that I don’t?”, and “The temperature right now is -248, I’m only going around”.

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The song’s complexity and uniqueness did not go unappreciated by the researchers and scientists who came from esteemed institutions in South Korea. “BTS presented the scientific fact with the song well,” the head of Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, Lee Hyungkok, said.

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The director-general of the National Fusion Research Institute Yoo Sukjae also said, “We forced information on people to enlighten and make them learn about science, but BTS made it seem fun and added a new value to it with the song”.

The gathering counted attendees from various scientific organizations, including the presidents of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Hanbat National University, and Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials. 

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