K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: APRIL – Seventh Mini-Album “Da Capo”

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APRIL made up for their fans’ long wait as they finally returned with an out-of-this-world concept and set of new music.

APRIL delightfully returned with a brand new mini-album titled Da Capo on April 22 at 6 PM KST, finally ending fans’ wait for a comeback since The Ruby and its headlining track “Oh! My Mistake” from October 2018.

Da Capo Comeback Timeline

The girl group first signalled their comeback on April 9 with a bubbly title poster which revealed their newest mini-album’s title to be Da Capo. Revealing that their long-awaited return will take place on April 22, APRIL followed up with a layout of their comeback teaser releases through the scheduler they shared on April 10.

Marking their first official comeback teaser, the story film for Da Capo was revealed on April 11. Starting with an intriguing narration, it also gave a preview of the science-fiction film-like concept that the group will be taking for their return.

From April 12 to 15, the six charismatic ladies also made their fans’ days even more beautiful by sharing consecutive sets of teaser photos. Putting the spotlight on their dazzling and timeless beauty, the members of APRIL posed fiercely for the camera while dressed in harnesses and other accessories for one set of concept photos and crisp, polished white suits for the other.


Afterward on April 16, the girls shared their loaded tracklist which shone in a blooming and vibrant color reflecting the vibes of spring while revealing the titles of their six new tracks.


Beginning with the team-up of Naeun and Jinsol, the girls also continued previewing their out-of-this-world concept for Da Capo from April 17 to 19 with clips of Chaekyung and Rachel followed by Chaewon and Yena.

On April 20, they also shared their highlight medley which previewed the six tracks included in Da Capo. With just a day left before their return, APRIL also unveiled a music video teaser for their title track “LALALILALA”.

Da Capo First Impression

Rightfully grabbing lots of attention is the mini-album’s very catchy title track “LALALILALA”. It contains a stronger and sensuous melody as well as a repetitive hook that will leave listeners completely entranced.

Meanwhile, the overall vibe of “Oops I’m Sorry” made it seem like the “sibling” of the group’s previous comeback track “Oh! My Mistake”. Containing cute lyrics and a very bubbly melody, the incredibly catchy song unapologetically displayed their dainty vocals.

Another upbeat and “cute” track from Da Capo was “Doll”. The way it started with sounds which seemed like children playing around was surprising at first, but on hindsight, it was a very nice play on the song’s title.

It also contained lyrics about someone trying their best to wait for someone whom they hold dear. “Tears flowed first and I woke up from a dream/ My painful heart speaks/ I still want to come back to you/ Today I’m also waiting,” its mostly pensive lyrics expressed.

Despite this, “Dolls” contained a very lively rhythm—in fact, I could envision it being sung at karaokes during my first listen.

Meanwhile, “1,2,3,4” places next to “LALALILALA” when it comes to showing off a stronger sound and giving APRIL a “tough” concept.

In addition to its impeccably catchy chorus and the fiercer aura that the girls displayed in this song with their strong vocals, Rachel’s rap verse in here deserve a special mention too for amplifying the energy of the track.

Serving as another delightful b-side, among the highlights of “You.zip” were its instrumental intro which got me hooked to the song right away and the flawless way that Jinsol carried the start of the chorus.

Lastly, “A Matter of Time” which Jinsol and Naeun already shared prior to the mini-album’s release gave a totally different vibe from all of the songs in Da Capo overall. As the only ballad track in the tracklist, the two songstress’ vocal prowess was able to shine in the song so brightly and showed their versatility as musicians.

Music Video Afterthoughts

“LALALILALA” proved exactly what we meant when we say that we need to see more of APRIL in the music scene. This high-quality song and music video proved the girls’ potential to reach high places by displaying an upgraded version of their musical and artistic colors.

Matching the energizing title track for Da Capo was a music video which had an interesting science fiction theme showing the girls in a whole new universe. Looking like darlings of the galaxy, among the standout settings for “LALALILALA” showed them waking up in a room which looked like a science laboratory.

Moreover, the clip for “LALALILALA” showed both the girly and fierce sides of APRIL. While the latter was seen more in the parts of the music video which depicted its storyline, the former was highlighted during parts where the group performed their choreography.

The way these were also shown through the differences in the color palettes—dark and cold versus bright and colorful—for each respective scene made it easy to distinguish which charm APRIL was showcasing in it.

The girls’ wardrobes were also something to rave so much about—especially the gowns and fancy wear they donned towards the end of the video. With an otherworldly beauty in terms of visuals, music, and choreography, “LALALILALA” definitely gave APRIL a remarkable, long-awaited return to the K-Pop scene.

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