K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: (G)I-DLE – Third Mini-Album “I Trust”

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(G)I-DLE showed an enticing contrast of beauty and darkness in their newest mini-album and its intriguing title track.

(G)I-DLE continues to show their growth as musicians as they release yet another spectacular mini-album—their third one since their debut in 2018—titled I trust, headlined by the rivetingly haunting song “Oh my god”.

(G) – IDLE I trust

Comeback Countdown Timeline

The six member girl group signalled the start of their comeback preparations with the release of a teaser poster on March 23. In here, they revealed the title of their third mini-album as I trust as well as its release date of April 6.

Afterwards, they shared a promo scheduler on March 26 to help fans mark down specific dates important to their comeback countdown on their calendars.

(G) – IDLE I trust

The girls then revealed haunting short clips previewing their concept on March 27 and 30, where they gave fans chills with the captivating and intriguing darkness displayed on both.

Ending the month of March grandly, (G)I-DLE shared the tracklist for I trust on the 31st, revealing the titles and credits for the five songs featured in the mini-album. Headlined by the track “Oh my god” which will come in two versions, it also contains their single “LION” from Queendom which was released earlier.

(G) – IDLE I trust

On April 1 and 2, the ladies posed in contrasting sets of teaser photos for the mini-album—with one giving a dark and riveting aura and the other showing their pure and innocent charms.

Getting closer to their comeback, (G)I-DLE then released the highlight medley for I trust where they showcased quick snippets of the tracks they prepared.

Lastly before they arrived with their comeback on April 6, the group teased their music video with a short clip that further made fans’ anticipation and curiosity rise.

I Trust First Impression

Overall, I trust contained a rich collection of four original songs plus a nice extra track for international fans which all showcased the group’s vocal and rap prowess.

“Oh my God”, the mini-album’s title track, is an urban hip hop track mixing elements of vintage piano and 808 bass sounds. Produced by Soyeon herself, it also contains a bold rhythm which increases with intensity throughout the song.

In line with the mini-album’s title, “Oh my god” was created based on the theme of trusting oneself, which can make one bolder and braver. Among our favourite parts from the song was the way Yuqi and Miyeon delivered such a powerful pre-chorus—and as an added treat, an English version of the track is also included in I trust.

Meanwhile, its second track “Luv U” gave a very playful vibe and a snappy beat, emphasized further by the beat breaks in the chorus that makes it an enticing b-side track—just with minus points for its line distribution.

The smooth start to “Maybe” and the continuing display of (G)I-DLE’s velvety vocals all throughout the song made it such a relaxing track to listen to despite having an upbeat melody. Overall, the track contained a very dreamy vibe—which served as a nice break from the other fiercely powerful tracks in the mini-album.

“LION”, which was released prior to the album as a digital single, also never fails to hook listeners in with its powerful rhythm and beats, grand sound, and charismatic lyrics which capture (G)I-DLE’s musical colour that they are best known for.

MV Afterthoughts

Intriguing is the description that first comes to mind while watching the music video for “Oh my god”. As hinted from the teaser photos, the ladies of (G)I-DLE seemed to have played off a contrasting theme of angels and devils, good and bad, and pure and wicked.

Matching the song’s boldness, the music video for “Oh my god” featured several daring and unconventional scenes such as members being trapped in a space surrounded by barbed wires and various scenes depicting blood all throughout.

With its eye-catching theme and a display of the (G)I-DLE members’ striking visuals, the music video for the power girl group’s latest comeback will definitely make you say “Oh my god” from start to finish.

Videos and photos from Cube Entertainment