K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: MAMAMOO’s Solar – First Single Album “Spit It Out”

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The very fiery Spit It Out shows exactly why MAMAMOO’s Solar is the epitome of a power vocalist.

Solar, the leader of girl group MAMAMOO, just dropped her debut single album on April 23 at 6 PM KST. Spit It Out, which is also the album’s title track, is a seamless mix of Latino vibes and K-Pop that will have you bopping from the very first beat.

Solar Solo

Spit It Out Comeback Timeline 

The MAMAMOO leader has been teasing this fiery solo venture since the beginning of April. Solar also treated her fans with behind-the-scenes snippets of her preparations, including dance rehearsal videos on YouTube. On April 9, Solar took over the scene with a scorching shot of her look, while totally unfazed by the fire behind her.

On April 15, the singer released laid back teaser photos of herself clad in fashionable denim jeans and a cropped tee. Solar’s casual street smart style served up some Instagram-worthy vibes, but what truly captured people’s attention was the launch of her bald-cap photos a few days later. It was Solar like fans have never seen her before, thus sparking even more anticipation for “Spit It Out”.

mamamoo solar

The photos were merely the beginning, as fans raved even more once the teaser clips were launched within the six days leading up to the premiere of the title track. The K-Pop star’s unconventional approach took the term “fashion forward” to new heights of awesome by donning rubber gloves, neon nails, and faux bald glory.

The album concept also showed Solar’s different sides and versatility through multiple fashion choices. Feminine co-ords, fringe dresses, and a denim + tee combo were just some of the looks she managed to slay.

Spit It Out First Impression

Staying true to its name, “Spit It Out” flawlessly showcased Solar’s strong vocals and featured hard-hitting lyrics as well. Fans will enjoy how everything “girl power” was embodied throughout the song, with lyrics like “Because I’m a girl why doesn’t it matter/ My way because I love me” and “Set a fire fire fire/ Spit it out with my red lips”.

Through these explosive lyrics, the singer was able to convey a message of who she genuinely is as an artist. The line “Spit it out through hot lips” in particular, seemed to symbolically show Solar’s dedicated passion towards her craft and first solo album.

Falling nothing short of what was expected from the MAMAMOO power vocalist, “Spit It Out” served as a blazing celebration of straightforward girl empowerment and headstrong lyrics.

Music Video Afterthoughts

Clad in gorgeous ensembles, Solar danced up a storm in various settings from a run down warehouse and hallway all the way to a scaffolding and dimly lit street. The entire music video was an explosion of dance and color. However, what truly stood out was her daring take on the bald look as she sat in a shrouded room surrounded by a set of glowing candles.

To top it all off, the music video was nothing short of being a work of art with neon light shots, cars bursting into flames, and a feisty all-female dance crew. Throughout the music video, Solar is accompanied by the troupe of equally talented dancers who showed that the party doesn’t start until they walk in.

The entire run of Solar’s first solo music video radiated what it means to be the life of the party. Living up to its teaser photos, “Spit It Out” played around with both a laidback style and futuristic fashion—reckoning a fiery solo debut for the singer.

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