K-Pop Comeback Spotlight: NU’EST – 8th Mini Album “The Nocturne”

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NU’EST is here and the group is causing trouble to fans with their alluring and fatal comeback!

The long wait is over! Pledis Entertainment’s prized quintet NU’EST has finally returned with a new set of tantalizing music for fans through their 8th mini-album The Nocturne.

nu'est the nocturne

The Nocturne Comeback Countdown Timeline

Sparking curiosity for over a month now through their captivating teasers, the male idol group first announced their comeback plans on April 3.

A few days later, the quintet officially signaled the launch of its full-fledged comeback countdown with the release of JR’s teaser. The individual teasers of Aron, Minhyun, Ren, and Baekho were then posted daily in the week of April 20 to 24.

NU’EST heightened the excitement of fans through their stunning group concept photos and fascinating sneak peeks. Showing an unrivaled charisma in the shots, the members looked a little different this time but they incredibly aced the concept!

First Impression for The Nocturne

Housing six new tracks, NU’EST’s 8th mini-album is truly a valuable gift for their loving fans! The Nocturne focuses on relaying a theme of nighttime – a perfect time to become more honest about one’s true emotions. Making this comeback extra meaningful for both fans and the group, the members actively participated in writing and composing their latest songs.

Penned by Baekho and famous composer BUMZU, the group’s newest title song “I’m In Trouble” charms listeners with its R&B sound. Up next is the quintet’s “Moon Dance”, which appeals with its romantic mood and sweet melody.

With its synthesizers and guitar sounds, “Back To Me” is the perfect track to listen to when you want to relax. “Firework” sets up a spring-like atmosphere with its refreshing sound and the boys’ charming vocals.

Fans should likewise enjoy the other tracks such as “Must” and “Shooting Star”. The first one features a lullaby-like feel with its ballad sound, while the latter can hype you up with its easy and familiar beat.

“I’m in Trouble” MV Afterthoughts

Going a bit chic and fatal this time, NU’EST’s latest title track “I’m in Trouble” narrates a powerful interest between two people. Donning classy and sexy ensembles in the music video, JR, Aron, Minhyun, Ren, and Baekho are able to flaunt their irresistible manly charms.

These lines surely show how passionate an individual is in knowing more about the person that he likes: “When we start calling each other tomorrow, I’ll look forward to it. Even words you unintentionally say drive me crazy. I got you on my mind.”

Need we say more? L.O.Λ.ES are really in trouble now!

Image and Video Credits: Pledis Entertainment