KQ Entertainment Label-mates Bring Laughs And Warmth With Collab Track “Call Me Anytime”

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KQ Entertainment family artists endear fans with their collaboration project “Call Me Anytime” for Eden Stardust Season 2 vol. 7!

EDEN, ATEEZ, Maddox, and production team Eden-ary of KQ Entertainment, team together in an epic label-wide collaboration track! The labelmates endeared fans with their fun release “Call Me Anytime”, the seventh track from season two of EDEN’s collaboration project titled Eden Stardust. 

EDEN penned the lyrics with HLB, while co-composed with artists LEEZ, Peperoni, and Oliv.

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During the song, KQ Entertainment artists crooned heartwarming lyrics that thawed the chill of winter. The sweet, romantic R&B track summoned both warmth and nostalgia through its ’90’s inspired-sound. Furthermore, strong analog sounds and ad-libs add further depth to the track.

With lyrics such as “Oh my baby / two warm hands / and burning heart / always waiting for you baby”, and “Nothing without you my love / Oh please come / Come to me”, KQ Entertainment labelmates expressed their yearning desire to be with their loved ones on a cold, snowy day.

Collaborating artists such as production team Eden-ary, the soulful soloist Maddox, and the leading global sensation ATEEZ, made the project even more exciting. All members of KQ Entertainment created a unified and soothing harmony.

Meanwhile, the music video for the song also included all artists. The cheeky, humorous video depicted the current state of COVID-19 where many are staying indoors, as the artists all filmed from home. While fitting for the present global climate, the video also boasted the artists’ playful acting and created a comfortable, intimate setting.

According to EDEN to Newsen, “I wish there are many things to laugh about in the coming new year, compared to 2020 when there were so many difficulties. My colleagues and I prepared a small gift for you to laugh with. Happy New Year everyone. I hope you are healthy.”

He also reiterated the message of the song, stating, “Are you all spending the end of the year at home? I want you to call someone who’s waiting for your call and share your warmth.”

Source: Newsen

Image and Video Source: KQ Entertainment

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