Chart Trends: Lee Hi fails to live up to her successful debut?

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After her outstanding debut with 1,2,3,4 on October 28 in 2012, Lee Hi made her return with her first mini album on March 7.

As Gaon released its latest weekly charts, it is unavoidable to notice how shy Lee Hi’s sophomore title track It’s Over success is compared to her debut song.

With 17,049,129 digital aggregate, It’s Over ranked 4th on the weekly digital charts topped by Davichi‘s Turtle.

Lee Hi’s debut track 1,2,3,4 topped the charts on her first week with 59,034,991. This huge difference (though It’s Over has two days less to chart than 1,2,3,4) is even more prominent on the weekly downloads charts.

It’s Over ranks 3rd with 240,860 while 1,2,3,4 topped it with an impressive 667,549 downloads.

Lee Hi is not even halfway to the explosive success achieved by her debut track four months ago, but those are still great results for a rookie. If 1,2,3,4 had not been an outstanding chart performer, these  results would be praised instead.

YG Entertainment may hope to see their new talent to show improvement on the charts for her subsequent releases. In other words, to avoid her for the infamous label of ‘one-hit wonder’.

What do you think of Lee Hi’s achievements thus far?


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