Lee Hyori certifies Perfect All Kill with ‘Miss Korea’

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A three years hiatus does not seem to have hurt the popularity of Lee Hyori as the solo singer made her long awaited comeback with the pre-release of Miss Korea ahead of the album release on the 21st. She has just proven herself with a prestigious perfect all kill, which perfectly means she is ranked first on every daily and real time music charts of Korea currently, as well as leading on Instiz ongoing weekly points.

Lee Hyori is also currently topping Melon‘s roof which further confirms the explosive answer for Miss Korea. She has accomplished this impressive result despite the comeback of 2PM. However, the boy band album is hardly seemed to be any digital threat to Lee Hyori as it fails to top on any chart, and is currently dropping for its 2nd position behind Miss Korea. 2PM has one more title track to unveil on 11 May.

You can check out Lee Hyori’s Miss Korea below:

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