Lee Hyun participates in the OST for ‘Drama King’

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Singer Lee Hyun joined to serve in the army last month but has participated in making an OST single for the new drama Drama King (드라마의 제왕).

It is said that this OST, Keep in Your Heart (가슴에 새겨져), was recorded before Lee Hyun joined the army as a gift to the fans who would be missing him.

The song Keep in Your Heart will be the main theme song for Drama King. It has a fun and lively beat to support the viewers rate for the two main characters Anthony Kim (played by Kim Myoungmin) and Lee Goeun (played by Jung Ryeowon). Lee Hyun was able to combine his sorrowful voice with a bright melody to create a unique song.

Drama King’s OST producing representative said, “out of the many songs, I think this song kind of best fit with the drama. It’s an easy melody and it’s a song you can’t easily forget once you listen to it. So it synchronizes with the drama 100%. I think Keep in Your Heart will help the drama’s popularity as well.”

Keep in Your Heart was made by hit song producer Oh Sunghoon. He also produced hit songs Love 119 sung by K.Will and MC Mong, Tears in Heaven sung by December, Heart Damage by Navi and Crown J, and Padam Padam‘s main theme OST, To Live, by Noel.

Drama King is airs every Monday and Tuesday on SBS at 9:55pm.

Check out the OST Keep in Your Heart here:

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Source: news and photo-Asia Today

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