Lee Jin Hyuk Serves Colorful Treats In Teaser Photos For “Splash!”

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Lee Jin Hyuk hints at his upcoming concept through colorful and mouth-watering teasers.

Lee Jin Hyuk revealed his comeback plans earlier this month, preparing his fans for the sweet delight he would be bringing.

Lee Jin Hyuk

On June 16, the artist released a colorful scheduler through his official social media accounts. The picture reminded of a messy workplace, with sticky notes being spread all over. Each one contained a different content regarding the album.

Lee Jin Hyuk’s first released teaser was a solo photo, which gave more details about his approaching comeback. The idol planned on releasing a mini-album under the title Splash!

The artist looked stylish in a suit and with his bright hairstyle. In particular, the space in front of him was filled with various deserts such as cakes and cookies, reminiscent of a party, The image raised expectation about the type of music that the performer will be coming back with.

Lee Jin Hyuk

The next photo showed the idol in yet another unique hairstyle and wearing a variegated long top. Moreover, blurred versions of him stood on both sides, exciting fans to the type of concept Lee Jin Hyuk is aiming for. The word “Bedlam” appeared under the album’s name, hinting at the possible title of his main song.

Lee Jin Hyuk

Meanwhile, more teasers are on the way as the idol counts down to the release of his second solo album Splash! on June 30.

Source: Lee Jin Hyuk’s Twitter

Image credit: TOP Media