LIGHTSUM To Resume Activities Following Self-Quarantine Period

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LIGHTSUM members will officially resume activities following their time of self-quarantine.

LIGHTSUM recently entered a period of self-quarantine after one of their staff members tested positive for COVID-19. Now, the group will officially continue their schedules as their self-quarantine period is now over.


LIGHTSUM’s agency, CUBE Entertainment, revealed the news with an official statement. The company revealed, “Before, one of the staff of LIGHTSUM was diagnosed with COVID-19, and all members and related staff were tested and came out negative. Since then, they were classified as close contacts by health authorities until 12 PM on the 20th.”

The agency also explained, “All members and related staff were sincerely isolated without suspected infection, and all of them tested negative on the 20th by PCR tests conducted before the release of the self-isolation.”

Furthermore, CUBE Entertainment took the time to thank the group’s waiting fans. The agency said, “We would like to thank the fans for their concern and support for LIGHTSUM’s health.” Additionally, the agency assured fans that it would comply with guidelines of health authorities to ensure the continued health and safety of LIGHTSUM.

Subsequently, the group will now continue with their schedules as their self-isolation period is over. LIGHTSUM recently made their debut with the sweet title track called, “Vanilla”, this June.

The bubbly tune was a fitting release during the summer season, while its unexpectedly powerful chorus piqued fans’ interest. During the equally bright music video, LIGHTSUM members displayed their charismatic presence and dancing skills.

As of writing, the music video for “Vanilla” nears 18 million views, illustrating global interest in the rookies. As the group debuted with a distinct concept, fans are interested to see what sides LIGHTSUM will show further along in their career.

Source: Xports News

Image and Video Source: CUBE Entertainment