LOONA Charts In The American Radio Market For An Impressive Six Weeks

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LOONA demands attention as they chart for six consecutive weeks in the U.S radio market with their song, “Star”!

K-Pop group LOONA continues demanding attention from the global music market. As of writing, the girl group’s song, “Star”, continues charting in America, totalling for an impressive six consecutive weeks since entering the charts.

Moreover, according to MediaBase’s “MediaBase Top 40” pop radio chart tally, from February 21 to February 27, the group’s track “Star” rose two rankings since last week, landing at position 30.

During this month, the song’s spins increased dramatically. Overall, radios played “Star” eight times more than at the time of its first entry on the chart. Furthermore, radios played the song more than 100 times since its 1,664 spins just last week.

MediaBase’s Vice President, Alissa Pollack, expressed excitement for the group’s achievements. They stated, “It is always a pleasure to see small and medium-sized agency artists succeed early in the ‘MediaBase Top 40’ chart, but LOONA’s performance, especially in K-Pop, is unusual. The support and cheering of Orbit sent to the radio are very amazing.”

The charting track, “Star” is from LOONA’s third mini-album, [12:00]. The album released last October, illustrating LOONA’s global growth as “Star” entered North American radio charts rising to rank 30 and charted consecutively over weeks.

The song itself captivates listeners with its energy and retro influences. The catchy, repetitive beats make for an addictive listen while its deep lyrics express LOONA’s journey of chasing their dreams and their gratitude for their fans.

Meanwhile, LOONA continues to prove their influence within the global music markets with this charting success. Additionally, the group meets demand in various fields including domestic entertainment schedules, OST recordings, advertising, and overseas promotions.

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