LOONA Scores First Entry To Billboard Pop Airplay Chart With English Track “Star”

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This newest feat made LOONA the second K-pop girl group ever to reach the ranking, following BLACKPINK!

LOONA notches their first entry on Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart with English collective track “Star”, reaching its peak at No. 40 on the list dated February 6.

LOONA Pop Airplay

Billboard’s Pop Airplay Chart reflects the number of plays during radio broadcasts on more than 160 mainstream Top 40 radio stations in the U.S. per week.

According to MRC data, the number of plays from January 24 to January 31 increased by 53% (approx. 756,000 people listened), securing their #40 spot.

In response to its resounding success, Bill Schulz, program director of the American radio KLCA, said through Billboard, “LOONA’s “Star” has a unique sound among other songs that have entered the chart. It was a song with good balance”, he said, praising the group’s distinctive music color.

Additionally, Tim Romeo Herbster, the host of iHeartRadio’s Most Requested Live, shared, “LOONA’s “Star” received the most number of response in the recent episode of Most Requested Live.”

Emphasizing LOONA’s steady success, he added, “It is the most requested song and is trending worldwide every Saturday night.” 

LOONA has succeeded breaking the barriers through their remarkable entry into the U.S. radio market in a direction that deviates from existing forms and frame. But, all of this won’t be possible without Orbits’ perspiring support. This accomplishment is more meaningful as it was achieved through both of their collaborative efforts. 

In line with this, LOONA said through their agency, “We knew that many people have given us lot of love since “Star” was released. We are truly grateful for the love you have given us, which makes us achieve these amazing records. We will do our best to present more diverse songs in the future.”

Meanwhile, LOONA has successfully completed their promotional activities with third mini album Midnight [12:00]. They are now actively conducting global promotions through “Star”.

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