Loossemble’s Cosmic Debut: Exploring the Universe of Friendship with their Self-Titled EP

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Loossemble makes their debut with the release of their first self-titled EP, Loossemble.

HyunJin, YeoJin, ViVi, Go Won, and HyeJu have become crew members aboard their spaceship called ‘Loossemble,’ where they are currently embarking on a mission towards finding new friends. This EP marks the beginning of their journey while also portraying how valuable each member is and the truth of their universe.

“I’m very glad to earn another chance to debut, and my passion and ambition are growing bigger. I’m planning to give my best and wrap up this promotion well!” – HyunJin, member of Loossemble

The EP includes eight new songs. It starts with “Intro: Searching for their Friends,” which then leads into the title track “Sensitive.” Produced with a mix of bass and guitar rig to create a funky sound, it shares the message of trusting one’s senses in order to move forward with more confidence. An English version of this track is also included. Each of the members also participated in writing lyrics for many of the other tracks featured on the album. HyeJu wrote lyrics for “Real World,” ViVi and YeoJin both wrote for “Colouring,” Go Won wrote for “Newtopia,” and HyunJin wrote for “Day by Day.” The remaining song, “Strawberry Soda,” is a disco track that expresses the members’ emotions while being together on their rocky journey ahead.


Loossemble is a five-member South Korean girl group under CTDENM. The members include HyunJin, YeoJin, ViVi, Go Won, and HyeJu. All of the girls were previously a part of the girl group LOONA, where they originally debuted in 2018. Through their music, the girls tell the story behind their group concept of becoming crew members of their spaceship called Loossemble and their mission towards finding new friends.

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