LOVELYZ’ Ryu Sujeong Teases Upcoming Solo Album With Two Pre-Release Songs

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LOVELYZ’ Ryu Sujeong announces return with two pre-released songs!

On March 30, LOVELYZ’ Ryu Sujeong unveiled two pre-release songs, “Love or Hate” and “Look at the Sky Three Times a Day,” from her upcoming first full-length album.

Following the establishment of the independent label House of Dreams in September of last year, Ryu Sujeong will release her first full-length album, Archive of Emotions, as a solo singer nine years after her debut in the K-Pop industry.

The music video for the pre-released title song, “Love or Hate,” is a trending topic among fans and peers because it fully captures Ryu Sujeong’s lovely visuals and natural yet free-spirited charm.

Filmed in Los Angeles, California, the music video beautifully expresses the feelings of ‘Love’ and ‘Hate’ on a screen divided into left and right screens, respectively, enhancing the level of immersion. In particular

Ryu Sujeong performs delicate emotions while walking on open roads and dark streets under a blue sky, riding roller skates, or feeling the wind blowing while riding on a classic pickup truck throughout the music video.

In particular, her lip-syncing on the left and right screens, the camera composition where every scene follows naturally, and the sensuous visual beauty that goes back and forth between day and night maximize the song’s dreamy atmosphere and evoked an explosive response from global fans.

“Love or Hate” is written and composed by Ryu Sujeong herself, and it conveys the message that it is difficult to love and easy to hate, but let’s love nonetheless. Check out the music video below.


Ryu Sujeong’s first solo album, Archive of Emotions, will be released on April 20th at 6pm KST. Meanwhile, on May 13 and 14, Ryu Sujeong will hold a performance of the same title as her first full-length album and meet her fans at Baekam Art Hall in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Source: SpoTV News

Image and Video Credits: House of Dreams