K-Pop Debut Spotlight: Lovelyz’ Sujeong – First Mini-Album “Tiger Eyes”

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Lovelyz’ Sujeong unleashed her inner charisma and mystique as she went solo this time with Tiger Eyes!

Sujeong, from the charming girl group Lovelyz, just dropped her first mini-album Tiger Eyes on May 20, 6 PM KST. The title track “Tiger Eyes” brings out Sujeong’s regal beauty and her innermost dauntlessness. It also signifies her confidence and strong-will in going solo along with an image transformation.

Sujeong Tiger Eyes

Tiger Eyes Countdown Timeline

Lovelyz’ sweet-voiced Sujeong surprised fans as she announced her debut as a solo artist with the mini-album Tiger Eyes. On May 10 at 12:30 AM KST, she started teasing fans with her enticing voice in the four-second voice teaser.

On May 12, the songstress released a teaser photo of herself clad in a scarlet blush dress with tessellated patterns. The turquoise backdrop perfectly matched her azure hair and captivating eyes which were both coloured blue – all while giving a dreamy yet mysterious gaze.

To further step up her fierce debut, the singer released the Volume 1 of the video track containing “Tiger Eyes” and “CALL BACK”. The song preview highlighted her husky voice and her trademark dulcet tone. It also showed a monochrome footage of the album jacket shooting while she freely posed, channeling animal-printed clothing.

On May 13, the Lovelyz member shared another teaser photo. Sujeong struck a classy pose while flashing her splendid figure. The gray scale photo further brought out her elegance and also highlighted the mystery that she wanted to depict.

She then released the second volume of the video track featuring the songs “Your Name” and “42=”. It showed a behind-the-scene footage of the singer as she intimately posed for the camera while giving a charming look. Her sweet-sounding mellow tone also made the song sounds like a soundtrack from a Korean drama.

On May 14, another teaser photo of the Lovelyz member was revealed. This time, she stood out even more in the intensely-hued teaser photo, which was far from her last monochrome teaser. The prismatic photo vaguely captured Sujeong adorned in colorful fashion pieces while fixing her bewitching gaze in a distance.

“Na, Ni” and “zz” fit as perfect jams on a sunny afternoon. In the third and last volume track, the artist gifted fans lullabies through her calming voice.

The artist kept on hyping her fans up and finally released the highlight medley of her album Tiger Eyes. Through this, Lovelinus were able to take a sneak peek of the tracks she worked hard with.

While the track videos released earlier were in grayscale, the new teaser clips were now notably in full bright colors, which indeed brighten up fans to further anticipate the album.

Tiger Eyes First Impression

Sticking to its main concept, Tiger Eyes magnificently presented a set of wholesome tracks that showcased Sujeong’s versatility in singing. It portrayed Sujeong’s infinite capabilities regardless of the song genre and style. She also mentioned before how she took an image transformation which she absolutely achieved.

The intoxicating rhythm of the EDM pop song “Tiger Eyes” comes similar to how tigers stealthily approach its prey. This was also reflected in its lyrics with lines like “The gem-like eyes chasing after you in the darkness remain vividly after closing eyes” and “You can’t get out of me now”.

Its spellbinding tune bewitches anyone who listens to it. Fans will also love how intense and compelling the song is without blaring sounds and high notes. Sujeong’s mellow faint murmur from start to finish causes eargasms, which I personally loved.

Highlighting Sujeong’s rich vocals, the EDM track “CALL BACK” defines a wounded love that has ended. This song mainly depicts how she fearfully tries to find answers while waiting for her loved one to return her call. As she falls short in the past, she bids another hello despite not knowing if there’s a slight chance for her lover to call back.

Opening with a sweet strumming of the guitar, the song “Your Name” contains a melodious tune that easily gets embedded in mind. It’s a lovely ballad full of her dearest confessions about first love which also offers a modest roller coaster of emotions. This song somewhat feels like a Korean drama OST due to its mellow tune and the singer’s poignant rendition.

Meanwhile, “42=” shows her mischievous side through its lyrics like “Should I know my feelings, what should I do, can’t I love both?”. The contemporary R&B song speaks about her love to both person yet she is contemplating whether to choose just one person or love them both.

Another delightful song from her album is the track “Na,Ni” which describes the stages and ways on how she confessed her love. It is a perfect anthem for women taking the initiative to start a relationship with someone she likes.

Last but not the least, Sujeong’s self-written and composed track “zz” is also known as “Lullaby”. Despite containing a quick tempo at the first part, the song puts you into sleep right after its very chorus. This is because of the instrumental piano in the middle part of the song and the music box sounds in the last part. Filled with beautiful comforting words, its whole run shows what a lullaby really sounds like.

“Tiger Eyes” MV Afterthoughts

Garbed with stunning fineries, Sujeong gracefully pranced in well-lit mystic rooms – from the vast ship port and a neon-lit room to an empty warehouse. With her elegant white dress and azure hair standing out from the red curtain background, the songstress crowned her best prima donna look.

The music video started with the sultry pop sounds of “Tiger Eyes”, defying a brand-new style of music she never tried before. During the music video, a male and female dance troupe with swift moves and registers joined her. Her signature tiger-claw pose also showed and befitted the album concept.

Overall, it was an exhibition of grace and elegance through her very “Tiger Eyes”. It was a gem disguised in sweet lyrical pieces and a flawless music video that everyone should check out. The entire album clamored how Sujeong made her daring take on a whole new concept.

Images and Videos From: Woollim Entertainment