Lovelyz Teases With A Mysterious Clip For The Approaching Comeback

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Lovelyz pokes at fans’ curiosity after the revelation of the group’s trailer clip.

K-Pop girl group Lovelyz set the date for its long-awaited comeback as a full group. The music scene will soon be blessed with the members’ angelic voices once again.


Woollim entertainment shared a surprise clip with which it revealed major information for the girls’ comeback. As stated, Lovelyz will release its seventh mini-album titled Unforgettable on September 1.

The video contained a woman’s figure, which captured the attention with the pure white dress and red hairstyle. The person showcased an elegant atmosphere with their movements and the added tune raised the expectations even more.

Lovelyz was absent from the music scene as a whole group for over a year, making this comeback truly an anticipating one. In particular, the girls’ last release was the sixth mini-album Once Upon A Time, with the title track “Beautiful Days”.

Since then, the members have focused mainly on their solo activities. Without a doubt, the actual announcement of them coming back as one is making Lovelinus all around the world happy and excited.

The girls released songs which captured their fans hearts since their debut in 2014. The titles “Candy Jelly Love”, “WoW”, “Ah-Choo”, “Now, We”, and more created a unique charm for the group, therefore creating curiosity for the upcoming concept. This dreamy video was just the start and their fans can expect the actual comeback countdown to start soon.

Lovelyz will release its seventh mini-album Unforgettable: Pieces Of Memories on September 1 at 6 PM KST.

Source: Woollim Entertainment

Screenshots from Woollim YouTube account