Lovelyz’s Yein & Mijoo Look Ethereal In Individual Teasers For “Unforgettable”

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Yein and Mijoo brought out their undeniable charms in the solo teasers for Lovelyz’ upcoming album.

Lovelyz is continuously raising excitement for its comeback with the mini-album Unforgettable. The group’s latest teasers focus on members Yein and Mijoo, portraying the two’s unearthly beauty.


Woollim Entertainment shared the two girls’ teasers on August 24. Aside from the individual images that brought a mature feeling to them, the agency also unveiled special trailer clips.

The videos focused on each member, who showcased their charms with full confidence. Moreover, the pure vibes switched into a mysterious feel, giving the girls a more grown-up and alluring appeal.



Previously, Lovelyz delivered two types of concept images, version “A” and “B”. Through them, the girls drew attention with their new attire and colorful hairstyles. They then started hinting at the third concept images, also known as version “C”.

This latest one caught the eyes of fans because it was said to be separated and released into five parts, with the first being a group teaser. The remaining teasers are expected to show the other members in their own unique light.

The girls also unveiled a lyrics spoiler to their title song “Obliviate”. They later followed on with the track list for the coming up album, unveiling six titles in total. In particular, “Obliviate” included member Ryu Sujeong’s name in the lyrics credit, raising expectations further.


After the individual teasers, fans can expect the music video teasers, as well as a Highlight medley and a Jacket making. So far, the countdown is turning to be an exciting one with all the different teasers being revealed each day.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz will release its seventh mini-album Unforgettable on September 1 at 6 PM KST.

Source and image credit: Woollim Entertainment