Band LUCY Drops Various Teasers Prior To The Release Of 1st Mini Album “Panorama”

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Band LUCY is hyping fans with various teasers for its return to the music scene.

Korean boy band LUCY is in the middle of revealing teasers for its first mini-album Panorama. 

LUCY Panorma

The band hinted at its comeback through a short clip with its thrilling melody. The group will be delivering an album with a midsummer feel, raising further expectations.

Additionally, LUCY unveiled the 6 songs which will be included in the album. Meanwhile, the track chosen as the title and representative for Panorama is “Jogging”. Also, a mysterious featuring is yet to be revealed, creating an even bigger interest towards the secret artist.

Later on, the special collaboration was unveiled to be with none other than soloist Suran. She will be joining the band with her outstanding vocals for the fourth track on the list, “Missing Call”.

Sneak peeks for each song were also unveiled in the form of short instrumental videos. Furthermore, the band has a variety of songs to present to its fans, from exciting rhythms to chilling tunes.

In addition, LUCY revealed image teasers which included both group and solo shots. Moreover, they were titled as “MV photos,” speculating that they were taken during the shooting of the music video for “Jogging”.

In the first images, the members portrayed a fresh cool look outside, while wearing casual clothes. On the other hand, in the next photos, the quartet showed a more retro vibe, raising curiosity about the upcoming song.


For the next teaser, the band is expected to release a video and a highlight medley on August 10 and 11 respectively.

LUCY will drop its first mini album Panorama on August 13.

Source and image credit: LUCY Twitter