Maddox Streaks Edgier Side In Second Set Of Teasers For Single “Sleep”

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Maddox shows off his duality by unveiling a bolder concept in the second round of teaser images for “Sleep”!

On June 17, Maddox delivers the subsequent round of teaser photos for his upcoming comeback with the single “Sleep”.


The singer catches fans’ attention by the contrast between the mood of the first set and this most recent pair. While the first images depict a calmer and contemplative atmosphere, Maddox captivates with intensity in the newest ones.

The singer wears a white outfit that seemed burned at the edges. His silver and black jewelry, as well as a lightning bolt accessory hanging from his pocket, add further fierceness to the look. Maddox sends a beckoning look into the camera, radiating elusive charisma.


The concept images further excite his fans, who are looking forward to his newest release.

Meanwhile, Maddox has been busy with the launch of his personal YouTube series titled “DOXLOG”. The series shows an exclusive look into his daily life. The premiere received much support from fans, who appreciated the casual and honest vlog.

Fans can look forward to the next episode of the series, which will show Maddox’s visit to the AOMG building. The video will feature Maddox’s friends and AOMG artists, such as Code Kunst and Gray.

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Image Source: KQ Entertainment