MAMAMOO Releases Special YouTube Video In Celebration of 10th Anniversary

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Let’s shout out a big “congratulations” to MAMAMOO for hitting a decade in the K-Pop biz!

These queens just celebrated their 10th anniversary and let’s just say, they threw themselves one heck of a party. Previously, they released a special poster on June 19 teasing about the special video

Forget fancy galas and red carpets, MAMAMOO went for a fun, down-to-earth vibe in a YouTube video titled “Mama No Plan.” Picture this: the girls decked out in awesome costumes that totally reflect their personalities, cooking up a storm, and then breaking into some epic games (because who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?). It was pure MAMAMOO magic, filled with their signature laughter and playful energy.

But it wasn’t all fun and games (though there was plenty of that too!). They also took a heartwarming walk down memory lane, reminiscing about their debut days, the birth of their beloved MOOMOO fandom, and even their very first music show win. Talk about a nostalgia trip! They even recreated some of those iconic poses from their old photos for a good dose of laughs.

The love and appreciation for their fans, the MOOMOOs, were overflowing. The girls expressed their sincere gratitude for the unwavering support they’ve received over the years. Here’s hoping they keep creating fantastic music, both together as MAMAMOO and venturing out on solo projects! And get this, they even hinted at a super special event for their next anniversary – MOOMOOs, get ready to be amazed!

MAMAMOO has blessed our ears with bops like “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” “What Are You,” and the legendary “HIP.” These four talented women, each with their own spark and charm, continue to shine bright, “separately and together.” Here’s to many more years of MAMAMOO magic!