MAMAMOO Glows In Alluring Music Video for “AYA”

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MAMAMOO returns with a fierce and fiery music video for their latest track, “AYA”.


MooMoos were taken down the fantastic rabbit hole of everything retro and ravishing in the group’s music video for their colorful single, “Dingga”. Clad in vintage outfits and bursts of neon, Wheein, Moonyul, Hwasa, and Solar were given a platform to show off their sunny and quirky demeanor.

However, with the launch of their latest track, “AYA”, the girl group did a full 180-degree flip in order to exhibit their alluringly fierce side. The captivating music video depicted MAMAMOO in boho themed fashion while they danced, sang, and channeled to their hearts’ content.

Magnificent Music Video

The music video took place in a space that resembled an ancient temple, peppered with exotic gypsy-like references and paraphernalia. The girls even stepped it up with some theatrical flair, as they performed by a flaming backdrop, wielded bows and arrows.

They walked around with a pickax, and emanated mysterious panache from behind exquisite beaded masks. Solar even rocked a subtle unibrow like no other, and it proves that these K-Pop queens look good in practically anything.

An Ode to a Breakup

The stellar lyrics of “AYA” traverse the facets of cutting ties from a toxic relationship. In the song, the quartet bids a striking goodbye to a selfish love and eventually turn their tears into raindrops. The strong symbolism is a true attestation to MAMAMOO’s artistic prowess that simply continues to evolve over time.

What a time to be a MooMoo!

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