MAMAMOO’s Wheein Pens Heartfelt Letter To Fans After Leaving RBW

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Wheein hopes fans will continue to support MAMAMOO and her individual journey!

MAMAMOO’s Wheein took to her personal Instagram account to express her feelings about leaving RBW.

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On June 12, Wheein posted a handwritten letter on Instagram after the news of her departure from RBW was revealed. She accompanied her recent post with the caption, “I will show you a good side as both Wheein and MAMAMOO. Thank you for your support.”

Wheein wrote in the letter, “I’m ready to leave RBW, which is like my hometown for ten years where I cried, laughed, and grew, and now move into a new environment.”

She expressed her gratitude to her long-time agency saying, “Thanks to the efforts of the RBW family who worked hard together for a long time, I was able to receive so much love. A heartfelt thank you!”

Grateful for MOOMOO’s (MAMAMOO’s fandom name) continuous support, the talented singer added, “I am very grateful to our MOOMOO who shared the most brilliant seven years of youth in my life, and I will repay you with good music by working harder to spend happier days with MOOMOO and the members!”

She also assured fans that she will continue to join MAMAMOO’s upcoming activities. “All four of us, MAMAMOO, will always be by your side. We will live the days to come with a wonderful and courageous heart, engraving the countless words of encouragement, worry, and encouragement in our hearts,” she said.

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Photo Credits: RBW | Wheein’s Instagram