MAMAMOO Unveils Comeback Schedule That Will Conclude “Four Seasons, Four Colors” Project

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MAMAMOO aims to blow like a “White Wind” with  comeback details just released.

MAMAMOO’s comeback is slowly building up steam! After finalizing a date, the girls have unveiled a title for their mini-album and a comeback schedule.

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Titled White Wind, the latest album will be the conclusion to their “Four Seasons, Four Colors” project. MOOMOOs speculate that this mini album may contain winter-themed tracks.

Wheein, Solar, MoonByul, and Hwasa will begin posting the first set of group concept photos on March 4.

Individual photos will be posted on March 5 and 6, on 12MN and 12PM, KST. Solo film teasers will be posted on March 7 and 8 on the same time slots.


MAMAMOO will be concluding their comeback schedule with a final set of teaser photos on March 10; unveiling the tracklist on March 11; and posting a music video teaser on March 12.

The group will be releasing White Wind on March 14, at 12MN KST.

Prior to this announcement, MAMAMOO’s latest comeback update is a photo containing the numbers “9966”. MOOMOOs have speculated that this may be related to their upcoming title track.