MAMAMOO’s Wheein Impressively Dominates Local And International Music Charts With Latest Track “Water Color”

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Wheein is clearly unstoppable when it comes to her solo activities as she lands a remarkable feat with her “Water Color”!

Demonstrating her amazing musical prowess, MAMAMOO’s Wheein dominated various music charts from around the world with her single “Water Color.”

After more than one year since the release of her single album Soar, the versatile artist made her way back to the music scene with her first EP Redd, along with its lead single “Water Color.” It contains 7 tracks that highlight the singer’s lovely vocals.

Unveiled on April 13, Wheein took the No. 1 spot on Bugs’ real-time chart with his title track “Water Color.” Moreover, the track also reigned over Melon’s 24Hits and Latest 24 Hits charts, proving the performer’s amazing influence. 

Wheein also dominated Genie’s real-time chart, signifying growth in her musical career as a solo artist. Marking another impressive achievement, the singer’s newest song also topped iTunes Songs Chart globally. 

Notably, “Water Color” ruled over the said chart in 12 countries, including the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Czech Republic, and Mexico.

All of these recent feats also become a fitting present for the singer who is celebrating her birthday today, April 17.


Going for a fiercer and retro theme this time around, Wheein took fans’ breaths away with her EP Redd. The album presents a variety of songs that fall into R&B and dance-pop music that emphasizes the singer’s versatility.


Through “Water Color,” the dazzling artist was able to show fans her bolder and powerful side. Aside from its catchy and trendy beat, the song came with fun and jaw-dropping choreography, which can attract you to dance and get off your feet.

Disguised as an ode about confidence, it delivers various messages about self-love. It also talks about following your heart’s desire no matter what it takes.

Wheein’s dulcet and awe-inspiring vocal abilities were also highlighted throughout the album as well as her amazing dancing skills. Her unique portrayal of the album’s theme also added to the overall appeal of this release.

What’s worth mentioning as well is that Wheein also directly participated in producing most of the songs on Redd including her title track.

As of writing, the music video for “Water Color” has already amassed 3 million views on the YouTube platform. It has also been trending for some countries since the day it was initially released,

Meanwhile, Wheein will continue to appear on various South Korean music shows to promote her newest song.

Celebrate the artist’s newest accolade by watching the captivating music video for “Water Color” below:

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