Mashiho Announced As The Next Member Of Second Boy Group From “YG Treasure Box”

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Mashiho has made it!

YG Entertainment unveiled Mashiho as the second member of the second debuting boy group from the survival reality show YG Treasure Box.

The entertainment company confirmed his inclusion through its social media channels and blog, yg-life, on January 31 at 11 a.m. KST.


The announcement was met with great joys especially from fans who have been rooting for Mashiho’s debut.

Messages of congratulations flooded the announcement post on Twitter, which has garnered more than 12,600 retweets and 18,700 likes in less than 30 minutes since it was posted.

Mashiho will join Ha Yoon Bin in the team, which is the second boy group to debut from YG Treasure Box following Treasure. YG Entertainment announced Ha Yoon Bin as the first member on January 30 at 11 a.m. KST.

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Get to Know Mashiho

Mashiho was born in 2001.

On November 8, 2018, YG Entertainment introduced him as one of the seven trainees of Group J in YG Treasure Box. Group J is composed of trainees of YG Japan, a branch of the entertainment company in Japan. The group included Haruto, who will debut in Treasure, Keita, Yoshinori, Asahi, Kotaro, Mahiro, and Mashiho.

“I want to become an artist who gives joy. I want to make debut in YG,” Mashiho said in the introduction video of Group J.


What’s Next?

YG Entertainment will reveal four more members of the upcoming boy group. The third member will be introduced on February 1, followed by the fourth member on February 2. The fifth member will be unveiled on February 3. The lineup is expected to be completed on February 4, with the introduction of the sixth and final member.