MCND Previews Upbeat Music In MV Teaser For “Crush”

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Ready to groove with MCND as they crush the stage with awesome performances?

MCND unveiled two music video teasers for their newest comeback track “Crush” on January 2 and 6 at midnight KST.


After finishing the concept photos reveal for their nearing comeback, MCND preview the music video for the title track “Crush”. Delivering a confident showcase of looks and dance moves, MCND wore a casual yet stylish outfit and brandishes their hip aura and charismatic visuals.

In the middle part of the video, a pair of choreography from the group dance scene were shown featuring members Big and Hwijun, further raising anticipation for the full music video.

Loaded Track List

On January 4 at midnight KST, MCND delighted their fans by sharing a sneak peek of the songs they have prepared for their comeback through the album track list. The mini album will contain a total of seven songs, which will be led by the title track “Crush”.

Showcasing their immense talent in music, member Castle J participated in writing the lyrics for “Crush”.

He also solely written the lyrics for the track “Player” and took charge in the composition, lyric-writing and arrangement for the last track “Outro; ㅁㅊㄴㄷ”. The other titles consist of “LOUDER”, “KO, OK!”, and “PLAYER”.


While the first music video teaser previewed a hip and charismatic MCND, the second teaser revealed on January 6 at midnight KST showcase the playful sides of the boys. Heightening the anticipation to another cool performances from the group, a snippet of the choreography were also shown.

Meanwhile, the music video for “Crush” will drop on January 8 at midnight KST, while the mini album MCND AGE will be digitally released at 6 PM KST on the same day. The physical album will be released later on January 11.

Source: OSEN

Image Credits: Starship Entertainment