MCND Receives Continuous Praise & Acclaim From Various Foreign Media

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MCND is steadily realizing their global popularity, as it receives nothing but praises and admiration from foreign press!

After the official release of their new album MCND AGE, K-pop boy group MCND has been receiving successive praise and recognition from different online media across the globe.


Expressing high anticipation for MCND’s comeback, New York’s KpopStarz said on the 6th, prior to the group’s awaited return, “MCND is causing big waves both in the domestic and international K-pop scene”.

Days after the music video and album was released, American media PRESSREELS indicated that MCND’s new title song “Crush” is a good reflection of their joyful energy. They further noted, “MCND’s stable stage presence is an evidence of their growth.”

K-Magazine of Mexico also published, “MCND is getting ready to open a new era in K-pop” and “It is captivating fans all over the world, including Latin America.”

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s My K-Pop Wire commented on January 10, “The ‘hip-hop monster group’ MCND perfectly showed a playful charm with “Crush”.”

Furthermore, famous Indonesian media IDN TIMES, which has consistently expressed great interest with MCND, had published commendatory solo articles on members Minjae, Bic, and Castle J before. In addition, they reported the news of MCND’s comeback and expressed huge support for the group.

Aside from being recognized and constantly praised by various foreign online media, MCND’s “Crush” is also receiving the spotlight and attention it deserves from fans all over the world.

K-pop idols, celebrities, and K-pop fans are showing their utmost support and love to MCND’s latest track “Crush” by joining the #Crush_Challenge. AIKI, the choreographer of “DON’T TOUCH ME” by Refund Sisters, and UP10TION’s Wei / Lee Jinhyuk, and Xiao have also participated in the challenge.

Meanwhile, the group will carry out full-fledged activities with their new album and song “Crush”.

Source: OSEN

Image Credits: TOP Media

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