Aiming for Greatness: MCND Unveils Their 6th Mini Album, [X10]

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MCND returns with their 6th mini album, [X10], amplifying their adventurous narrative.

MCND returned with their 6th mini album, [X10], encapsulating their journey towards a triumphant goal. Building on the adventurous narrative from their previous album, ‘ODD-VENTURE,’ released last November, [X10] showcases the group’s unwavering unity and passion. With an unstoppable spirit, the five members of MCND aim to hit their target and achieve their dreams, fully embodying the theme of ‘X10.’

The [X10] mini album, with its five tracks, encapsulates MCND’s unique synergy and energy as a team. Each song highlights their musical versatility and seamless collaboration, capturing the essence of their unity and relentless drive. From playful, carefree expressions to intense, passionate endeavors, the album vividly portrays their shared journey. Through their music, MCND invites listeners to witness their growth and experience the dynamic synergy that defines their teamwork.

Let’s dive in below.

1. X10

The title track ‘X10’ is a Western-style hip-hop anthem with bold drum and guitar loops. The lyrics express MCND’s confidence and ambition to make history, showcasing their maximal energy. The track’s powerful beats and commanding presence serve as a testament to their collective determination to achieve greatness.

2. Perfect Pitch (Tuning)

A strong hip-hop track featuring an addictive piano riff, ‘Perfect Pitch (Tuning)’ explores the playful freedom and relentless passion of MCND. The song portrays the journey of a sensitive musician striving for perfection, blending humor and dedication with a dynamic beat.

3. Whale (Out Louder)

This hip-hop dance song, with its unique sound and rhythmical melody, captures the feeling of shouting to the world like a whale. It embodies MCND’s determination to explore the vast world, conveying a sense of adventure and boundless enthusiasm through its energetic beats.

4. Girl Friend

A powerful pop R&B track, ‘Girl Friend’ combines soft vocals and electronic elements into a heartfelt serenade. The song highlights MCND’s vocal strength and emotional expression, offering a tender narrative of youthful affection and harmonizing modern production with sincere lyrics.

5. TOP GANG Vol.2

The album’s finale, ‘TOP GANG Vol.2,’ sees all members contributing to this drill, R&B, and trap fusion. With lyrics by Castle J, BIC, Minjae, Huijun, and WIN, and composed and arranged by Castle J, the song showcases their ambition and unbreakable bond. Continuing the theme of teamwork from their pre-debut track ‘TOP GANG,’ the song’s intense energy and collaborative spirit serve as a powerful closure to the album.

Meanwhile, fans can join the live listening party with MCND on Stationhead on Wednesday, May 22, at 12:00 pm KST, which provides multiple opportunities to connect with the group.

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