Meet The First Four Members Of YG Entertainment’s Newest Boy Group

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Your next YG Entertainment idols are here!

YG Entertainment, through its survival reality show YG Treasure Box, introduced the first four members of its upcoming boy group — the first after four years since iKON.

In the January 18 broadcast of the show which saw the remaining 11 trainees perform, the first batch of winners were revealed.

Meet YGE’s Next Treasures

Trainees who received the highest mark for each position — vocal, rap, and dance — will immediately be part of the debut group.

While the remaining four positions in the lineup will be filled according to the scores the trainees received, wherein 50 percent will come from the representative producers, 20 percent from the online votes, and 30 percent from on-site votes.

Haruto, who was born in 2004 and hails from Japan, was the first member to start the lineup. He took the first place in the rap position.

YG Treasure Box

(Photo from YG Entertainment)

Bang Ye Dam, who came first in the vocal position, was confirmed as the second member.

Since the premiere of YG Treasure Box, he has received considerable attention, with a lot of viewers anticipating his debut, as he has been training under the entertainment company for considerably long time.

He joined YGE in 2013 after his stint on K-Pop Star Season 2 where he finished second place.

YG Treasure Box

(Photo from YG Entertainment)

2005-liner So Jung Hwan was named the third member to debut after securing the top spot in the dance position.

YG Treasure Box

(Photo from YG Entertainment)

Completing the first four members is Kim Jun Kyu. He received the highest scores based on the voting system. He was born in 2000.

YG Treasure Box

(Photo from YG Entertainment)

Three More Members To Announce

The suspense is not yet over for fans of YG Treasure Box. Three more members are expected to be announced to complete the debut lineup of YGE’s newest boy group.

Seven trainees namely Kim Do Young, Mashiho, Park Jeong Woo, Park Ji Hoon, Lee Byoung Gon, Choi Hyun Suk, and Ha Yoon Bin, are still competing for the spots.

The remaining three members will be revealed one after the other. The revelation will start on January 23 for the fifth member. The sixth member will be unveiled on January 25, while the last member will be announced on January 27. All announcements are to be made at 11 a.m. KST.