Minken releases 2nd single featuring Cha Elliya

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Minken 2nd Single Voice featuring  Cha Elliya (차엘리야) is finally out! You can read about the story of sincerity of the song, the singer and  the composer right here. After Minken‘s public favourite first single You and I featuring The Ray was introduced, he has returned to the public with his second single Voice. Some wish to compose the best song, some wish to stand in front of audience to sing, and some wish to listen to those people and feel these songs. This is perhaps the basic reason why the singer and the listener create a relationship. Minken’s second single Voice featuring Cha Elliya was created because the composer and singer hoped to deliver their sincerity to their listeners. On a side note, this song’s lyrics were written by Choi Youngsin of Nia Band.


Check out Voice below:

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Minken’s long-time musical colleague Cha Elliya ,who has presented a lot of meaningful songs, was trained for a long time and is also known for being part of the musical Seopyunje (서편제). Through these projects she has a lot of experience in the music industry. While in the process of getting ready for her official debut, she delivered this impressively arranged track with her powerful voice.

Minken, who wishes to capture sincerity into music every moment, once again returns this July through his heartfelt musical sensibility. Please support these two musicians by liking Minken’s facebook page!

Source: Choi Youngsin(Nia Band), Minken

Photos: Seunghyun Chung, CEO of CSMUSIC&

Videos: ktmusicable, nate


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