“Mnet Asian Music Awards” Makes Milestone Changes To Its Award Categories

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Mnet Asian Music Awards makes significant changes to its award processes to recognize the popularity and workmanship of K-Pop artists.

The legendary Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA, announced its implementation of new voting regulations concerning its award categories. Beginning this year, the ceremony will adhere to new rules in order to more effectively highlight the talent of artists.

2021 MAMA

Moving forward, Mnet will consider nominees from a pool of artists selected by professional judges based on their contributions to and leadership in the development of K-Pop. In its ceremony, there will be four daesangs in total which include, Worldwide Icon of the Year, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Album of the Year.

New Process

Expert judges will consider all nominees on the artistry of their work as well as sales success. Those who are part of the panel are K-Pop professionals ranging from different areas of the industry. The judges will choose winners for the artist, song, and album daesangs.

The goal of the new criteria and the panel of judges is to create a fairer awards system. More specifically, this screening process will combine popularity and artistry.

Meanwhile, Worldwide Icon of the Year and Worldwide Fans’ Choice TOP10 will continue as fan-voted awards, reflecting the voices of K-Pop fans around the world.

Additionally, MAMA will incorporate data from the global streaming platform, Apple Music to determine winners. Previously, MAMA only used Gaon Chart music data for its evaluations, however, with the expanding popularity of the genre worldwide, it is important to accurately reflect artists’ global influence.

Furthermore, to ensure fairness, MAMA will collaborate with an external institution, “Samil PwC”, to conduct the screening and aggregation of music chart data and votes.

Pre-voting will occur on November 4 through Apple Music using a playlist vote as well as Twitter. It will begin after the MAMA nomination announcement. This will determine candidates for the fan-awarded categories.

Regarding the changes, CJ ENM’s Contents Headquarters Director, Kim Hyunsoo, stated, “MAMA which has been playing the role of a global music hub for K-Pop for the past 12 years, has changed the award division and method to reflect the trends in the global music market. To secure fairness, we will gradually make changes from this year.”

The 2021 MAMA nomination broadcast will air on Mnet at 11 PM KST on November 3.

Source: Star News

Image and Video Source: CJ ENM | Mnet K-POP