Mnet Is Making A Drama Called “Hello? Mr. Bangtan?” And We Are Perplexed

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Is Hello? Mr. Bangtan? A web drama about BTS? Or life as an ARMY? Because if yes, then you can count us in!

Mnet’s M2 startles everyone as they release a teaser for a web drama entitled Hello? Mr. Bangtan? on August 27!

It is obvious from the title that the drama will have elements pointing to BTS, and the teaser only seconds this motion. The 15-second video showed a girl telling people that she’s been in touch with BTS, but no one seems to believe her. Then, it cuts to a photo of Jimin and the intro of “DNA” playing in the background.

The drama is still shrouded with mystery as Mnet only reveals its release date along with the teaser. So far, the only details we know about the drama is that it will be released on September 3 at 8 PM KST.

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This sudden news had thrown a lot of ARMYs in confusion and curiosity about what the drama’s story could be. Speculations about it revolving around the life of a girl who is an ARMY had risen – but an important question is left hanging in the air: will BTS make a cameo on the show? Or will they actually star in it?

Our hearts are going crazy as we think of the possibilities regarding this web drama – and don’t even get us started on the chance of having BTS take their acting skills on an actual drama!

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We’ve seen the boys’ abilities on their music videos and (sometimes) on their Run BTS skits – plus, V already made his acting debut on the sageuk drama Hwarang. Moreover, Jin graduated from Konkuk University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Arts and majored in acting, too – so really, it’s not impossible for us to get our hopes up, right?

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