MONSTA X Moves To A Lethal Yet Sweet Attack With Their Comeback Album “FATAL LOVE”

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MONSTA X is concocting an intoxicating music album that would surely slay the hearts of their adoring fans! 

MONSTA X made the announcement that every fan across the globe was eagerly waiting for. The group took to their official SNS and unveiled a thrilling teaser image bearing the name of their the 3rd album titled FATAL LOVE. 


The image is dark, dramatic and dynamic in all its red and black hued glory. The poster certainly does a spectacular job of piquing curiosities. It sees the face of a member shrouded in darkness which gives the image quite a seductive vibe. Moreover, the marbled black backdrop and the red text are reminiscent of a retro thriller movie poster which only adds to the suspense for what’s to come. 

MONSTA X has consistently impressed with their multifold talents and wide range of musical spectra. Even with their last comeback album that released in May this year, the group presented refreshing and foot thumping sounds that were much loved by listeners globally. This was evident with their performance on various music charts.

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Fans had already been anticipating the group’s return after their agency Starship Entertainment had announced that MONSTA X had been preparing for the comeback. Adding to the excitement was member Minhyuk’s post on the fan cafe in a post earlier in September. The singer had announced that the group was in the early stages of preparing the album. He also added the upcoming project is one that has had him excited since “DRAMARAMA”.  

Meanwhile, MONSTA X’s upcoming album third album FATAL LOVE will be releasing on multiple music sources on November 2. 

Source: Starship Entertainment