MONSTA X Concludes Comeback Activities For “FATAL LOVE”

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MONSTA X successfully wraps up comeback activities for their recent release FATAL LOVE!

With SBS’ Inkigayo which aired on November 15, MONSTA X successfully round off their comeback activities for FATAL LOVE and the thrilling track “Love Killa”. Post this, the group expressed their thoughts on the same, through Starship Entertainment.

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MONSTA X said, “We’re really happy to wind up these activities well. We’ve tried hard to show you a new side of us while preparing for our third full-length album. Above all, we’re very proud that the fans like it. We’re very grateful to the staff who worked hard and to Monbebe for allowing us to win first place on music shows twice at the same time as our comeback. We were so happy and ecstatic to feel like we’re with our fans even though we’re far away.” 

They added, “We hope that COVID-19 will be stabilized as soon as possible so that we can be with Monbebe for the next activity. We have finished our two-week long activities, but we will come back with year-end award ceremonies and various content activities, so please wait for it.”

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In their third full-length album, FATAL LOVE, MONSTA X impressed with their unshakable musical capabilities. Especially with the participation of the members themselves. Jooheon and I.M. took part in writing the rap verses of all the songs including their tracks composed by them particularly, “BEASTMODE,” “Stand Together,” and “Night View”. Moreover, the album also saw the participation of member Hyungwon who composed a track for a MONSTA X album for the very first time. The track titled, “Nobody Else” stunned with its unique composition and stirring style to state the least.  

The title track of the versatile album “Love Killa,” highlights the members’ mature transformation which gave them quite a commanding aura especially in their performances. MONSTA X dominated the stage in the most dynamic manner by bringing forth a sense of calm to the team’s signature passionate and powerful musical style. 

Soon after their comeback, MONSTA X proved that they are indeed the kings of K-pop after winning two crowns on SBS MTV’s THE SHOW and on MBC’s every1’s Show Champion. 

MONSTA X Show Champion Win

Furthermore, the group proved their global popularity after connecting with over 770,000 listeners around the world and surpassing 1.55 billion hearts at the comeback show held through Naver V LIVE on the day of their comeback.

In addition, MONSTA X has been making waves by appearing on various entertainment programs in addition to their musical activities. They showed their famous sense of humor while appearing on MBC’s every1’s Weekly Idol and web entertainment K-Bob Star. Member Minhyuk appeared on MBC’s King of Mask Singer as baepsae and won over the panel with his stunning visuals and delicate singing skills. The group has also been delighting fans with their appearance on Kakao TV’s original Face ID as well.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be active in many ways through preparations for the year-end awards ceremony as well as with individual activities. They will also be releasing a Japanese version of their fiery number “Love Killa” on December 16. 

PR | Images Source: Starship Entertainment