MONSTA X Drops A Captivating Single Titled “One Day”

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Monsta X evokes a tranquil ambiance with their new English single “One Day”! 

MONSTA X’s has released what can only be described as a musical treat. The sextet unveiled their much-awaited new song titled “One Day” through various streaming sites across the globe.

Not only that, the powerhouse group also unveiled a music video for the single. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that each of the stills are aesthetic and akin to art in motion. 

The track is one that MONSTA X’s loveable leader Shownu participated on, prior to his enlistment in the military.

Through the track, the multifaceted group wanted to convey the emotions that they experienced in a time they were trapped in negativity and unable to move on, but still held the belief that everything would be better.


The essence of that message is reflective in the song’s lyricism that evokes a sentiment of hope albeit in a wistful way. It is particularly highlighted in the line, “They say hindsight’s 20/20”. Through this, they convey that it is easy to understand something after it has already happened.  

“One Day” features a love story gone awry and while the members in their honeyed harmonies, express the love having been a bad decision, they still hold out a hope of reuniting with their significant other. 

The soft electro-pop beat of the track gives it a slight upbeat edge in contrast to its overall ruminative air. Moreover, the style of the song brings out the mellifluent vocals of the members in a sharp yet sublime way.  


This single is definitely one that is going to crash that repeat button in listeners’ playlists. All in all, MONSTA X surely showcase their all-round artistry with “One Day” in a striking manner. 

Meanwhile, listen to and add MONSTA X’s ambient new track “One Day” here: 

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