MONSTA X Evokes A Mysterious Ambiance In “Kiss Or Death” Concept Photos

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MONSTA X spotlights a regal allure in their vintage-style concept photos for their upcoming single titled “Kiss Or Death”!

MONSTA X displays an unparalleled charisma in their new concept photos for their forthcoming single “Kiss Or Death”. The images bring forth a nostalgic worldview reminiscent of 221B Baker Street as the stylish sextet rocks their Sherlock Holmes-esque looks.


Additionally, the members, Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M make quite the dynamic impact with their handsome visuals and sleek styles in their individual concept photos as well.


In the released concept photos, MONSTA X channels an evocative mood that is bound to kindle the intrigue for what’s to come. They certainly captivate with their classic appearance full of sophistication. Moreover, their unique and understated accessories such as a fedora, pocket chief, and pocket watch, add a glamorous touch, while also furthering the excitement for the concept of the new track.


Besides the reveal of these enthralling concept photos, MONSTA X will pique the curiosities of fans through the release of a concept trailer. Titled “The One”, it is set to drop on July 19. Post this, a music video teaser labeled as the “Crime Scene ver” will follow on July 21. Later, on July 23, their second music video teaser for the track, titled as the “Time Warp ver” will release as well.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be taking over every Monbebe’s heart with their melodious new tune titled “Kiss Or Death”. The track will be releasing under Universe Music across multiple music sources on July 26. The music video will unveil on the same day at 6 PM KST, while its full version is to be made available exclusively on the Universe app.

Images Credits To: Starship Entertainment | Universe Music