MONSTA X Exceeds Charisma In More Concept Photos For New Mini Album “No Limit”

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Get ready for more teasing, MONBEBE!

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MONSTA X is definitely out here to attack with their chicness and charisma in new concept photos for upcoming mini album No Limit.

monsta x concept photos

The third set of concept photos released on November 14 sees MONSTA X coming out like an outlaw in the music industry. Each of the members boasts the concept of wandering through a rough and barren wasteland.

In particular, the monstas show off their sharp and irresistible visuals along with motorcycles and jeeps.

Kihyun attacks MONBEBE’s hearts with a black leather outfit made more perfect with her orange hair. Minhyuk, on the other hand, creates a unique mood with his colorful button-decorated jacket.

Hyungwon presents the most classic beauty ever seen, while Joohoney expresses his overflowing charisma with a vivid blue inner turtleneck and black leather jacket. The youngest, I.M, wears a sleeveless outfit that solidifies his masculinity.

monsta x concept photos

The following day, MONSTA X takes on a different theme in the fourth set of concept photos. The powerhouse group proves their classy and unrivaled visuals in simple yet breathtaking suits.

monsta x concept photos

Specifically, each member presents a classic yet sophisticated charm in every snap. MONSTA X boasts a high-quality aura that will always be seen even in the desolate wasteland background with old trees.

The fourth concept photo perhaps is the peak of visuals for this forthcoming return. Minhyuk stimulates excitement with two moods, a cut that emphasizes his side profile and a sentimental front view of his handsome face. Kihyun is seriously alluring as he leans against an old tree on one and stares straight into the camera with his excellence on another.

Hyungwon absolutely is the standard of handsomeness with his bold styling with his chest peaking. Joohoney, on the other hand, appears through the old trees with his strong eye contact. While I.M draws attention with shots that highlight his perfection.

With that, the concept photos are all out which further ignite anticipation with the album’s release. MONSTA X is ready to dominate the domestic and international charts with the new mini album No Limit coming on November 19 at 2:00 PM KST.

Before the release, the talented group will release an album preview and a music video teaser, plus a comeback show on November 18.

PR and Image Source: Starship Entertainment

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