MONSTA X Gives An Insight Into Their Impressive Comeback Album “FATAL LOVE”

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‘Guess Who’ opened up about their latest winner of an album? Well, it’s the ‘Love Killas’ themselves, MONSTA X!

MONSTA X made a blazing comeback recently with their brilliant third regular album FATAL LOVE. The release comes about six months after the unveiling of their chart-topping FANTASIA X album that released last May. However, this album comes two years after their second full-length album Take.1 Are You There? that was released in October 2018.

The new album features ten entrancing tracks. It includes a rich roster of tunes including the much-loved title song “Love Killa”, “Gasoline”, “Thriller”, “Guess Who”, “Nobody Else”, “BEASTMODE”, “Stand Together”, “Night View”, “Last Carnival”, and “Sorry I’m Not Sorry”. 

Through this album, MONSTA X reaffirmed their status as all-round artists with having showcased their musical prowess through writing, composing, and producing many of the songs. Both Jooheon and I.M showcased their multifold talents on eight of the ten songs. Particularly, Jooheon recorded his own songs namely, “BEASTMODE” and  “Stand Together” while I.M shined with the track “Night View”. Moreover, Hyungwon, who goes by the pseudonym DJ H. ONE, showcased his outstanding ability as a producer on the track “Nobody Else,” which is a song that he participated in writing, composing, and producing for the very first time since his debut.

Previously, MONSTA X has shown the group’s colors through powerful and fresh performances, but with this album, they are making a fascinating transformation by maintaining their own team colors but developing new styles as well. In particular, the title “Love Killa” delivers dark sounds and emotional melodies in the most harmonious manner, drawing keen attention from music fans across the globe on MONSTA X’s reasoned changes and steady growth.


Having made such a power-packed impact with their lethal sounds, MONSTA X, who is making a strong impression on the K-pop scene through this album, talked about FATAL LOVE and its fiery title track “Love Killa”.

Here’s a full excerpt of the Q&A with MONSTA X:

Q. This is your comeback in only about six months since FANTASIA X and your third full-length album Take.1 Are You There after around two years. How do you feel?

Shownu: I would like to say that I am so grateful to the members who have worked so hard. As always, I wish we could finish activities for this album in a healthy way. Even during my hiatus, I did a lot of activities like this, so I don’t think that time has passed but thank you for waiting. I will show you a good image through the remaining activities.

Minhyuk: It’s already our third full-length album, and I think that we really did work hard. I would like to express my gratitude to all the members who rely on and strengthen each other even when things get difficult, and to the fans who have been loving us for such a long time.

Kihyun: I’m really happy that it’s our third full album, but I’m really disappointed since I’m not sure if we can be able to meet the fans. I hope that we can work hard and make our fans proud and be able to meet them next time.

Hyungwon: This album was created while all the members of MONSTA X thought of going back to the beginning. We worked really hard and prepared a lot for the stage. It’s especially refreshing to include a song that I produced for the first time in the album as well.

Jooheon: The members worked really hard preparing for the new album. We were all busy because and we had a lot of individual activities, as in my case, I was working on a mixtape called PSYCHE at the same time. So I’m even more attached to this album. I hope you love our songs and comeback activities.

I.M: Since it’s our third full-length album, we paid more attention to the music. In this album, we tried to show the musical colors of MONSTA X in depth and show the mature side of MONSTA X. So please enjoy it a lot.


Q. You had said that you wanted to show a different style with the album, so what kind of change will we get to see through this release?

Shownu: The first thing that comes to mind when you think of MONSTA X is strong performances, but we wanted to show you something new with this album. We focused on the music a lot, and the story of the album is like a thriller, so the track style is a little tense in that sense. We’d appreciate it if you liked the new style that MONSTA X is trying.

Jooheon: The music used to be very intense and powerful, but the songs in this album have a more secretive and soft feel. There are enough charms and aspects that people who previously loved the music of our group will like and it also has an added feel of calm that MONSTA X has grown into. In short, I think it has transformed into something more fatal.

Q. Could you introduce the title song “Love Killa”?

Minhyuk: This is a song that represents the changes of MONSTA X that will be shown to you with this album. Songs from previous albums mainly conveyed messages of sympathy or consolation, but this time we sang about the temptation of love to throw away everything and just win. I think you will get a new feel with the dark sounds and evocative melody.

Kihyun: It’s a song like that showcases dreamy bad guys who run wild for their desires. There is also the intensity that MONSTA X has had in the past, and there is also a certain softness and a sense of calm. While it seems to be grasping the weight of the concept gently, it also contains the passion we had before. So, in the past, we had a mindset of tearing it apart, but this time we will show you a naturally flowing sexiness with every stage.

Q. What are some focus points that you would like to highlight in the new song?

Hyungwon: The choreography of this song is easy to follow, but it’s really cool and sexy. Among them, I thought it would be cool for the men to organize their watches inadvertently, so in the end, Shownu hyung put in a point choreography that looks as if they are organizing their watches in an effortless way. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but we like it because it’s very cool and there is a subtle sexiness to it.

I.M: Hyungwon’s boxing dance that made him look as if he transformed into a fighter. It’s a simple movement, but we wanted to create a cool feel, so Hyungwon practiced really hard enough that anyone would admit it. It came out really good too, so I hope you focus on this part.

Love Killa

Q. You’ve included a lot of cinematic motifs in the music video for “Love Killa”. Can you explain those in detail?

Minhyuk: The music video for “Love Killa” is like a Hollywood noir film. The music itself has a cinematic feel, but there are narrations such as lines and monologues, and there are compositions that have not been tried before in music videos. Especially, this theme that is focused on the love of the six killers that spotlights the dark and cruel side of love, such as veiled feelings of greed or sentiments of love-hate. I think you’ll feel you’re watching something new every time you see it.

Kihyun: In this music video, our members have transformed into six killers, representing famous movie villains as a motif. Among them, Jooheon filmed with the trope of the ‘Joker’ from the movie The Dark Knight, and we were so surprised. It is a very famous character, and I thought it was a character that would’ve felt burdensome for an idol, but it was very cool because Jooheon looked like he came out of the movie set but still retained that MONSTA X feel. 

Q.The album contains compositions by Hyungwon who included “Nobody Else”, Jooheon’s “BEASTMODE” and “Stand Together”, and I.M who produced the track “Night View”. So, what were your difficulties you faced or feelings when working on the songs?

Hyungwon: “Nobody Else” is a song that expresses the emotion of love and compares it to the characteristic of the fragrance of perfume that eventually fades away. We wanted to convey the original feel of the lyricism through a pop song. I’ve released singles as DJ H.ONE, but it’s my first time to be able to include a song that I produced in a MONSTA X album, so I was very nervous. Since our members are so good at singing, I tried to show my musical colors while keeping the charm of their voices alive.

Jooheon: This album contains two songs that I produced. I tried to include the colors of MONSTA X in two different songs. In “BEASTMODE”, I wanted to convey passion and strength to those who feel like they want to give up and so I wanted to give this track to them to help them overcome that feeling. “Stand Together” is an impressive song that merges MONSTA X’s rebellious energy with elements of hip-hop. It has a message that we should unite with our fans and fight with them while evoking sympathy from the listeners. The tracks are in succession as the sixth and seventh track on the album so I hope you listen to them one after another.

I.M: Among the songs in this album, I thought a lot about expressing the emotional color of my music through “Night View” between the songs in this album, as well as to harmonize it well with the other tracks. This album has a lot of points that fans will like, both musically and on stage, so I’d appreciate it if you looked forward to the performances.


Q. Fans are so excited about the concept of this album. What do you think is the reason for it?

Jooheon: I think that’s because we transformed based on our strengths. Even when the concept was released, Monbebe really liked it so much, but after the stage was released , they showed more enthusiastic reactions, so we are going up on the stage with even more confidence. If you have liked MONSTA X before, we will work hard so that you cannot break away from this album.

Hyungwon: When I first saw the concept, I thought, “Why didn’t we do this earlier?” That’s how well the members fit with the concept of FATAL LOVE and I think we were naturally immersed in the concept. We’ll show you various sides of us in the future, so please listen to our songs and watch our performances.

Q. You have successfully finished the first week of your comeback. How do you feel about this?

Shownu: I was mostly nervous and excited during the first week of our comeback, but this time I was more excited than ever. When we had our comeback showcase on V LIVE on the day of the album’s release, the fans loved it. So I was able to concentrate more on the stage when I was preparing for the music programs. We performed “BEASTMODE” and “Love Killa” on a music show in the first week. It was great to show fans everything from powerful to groovy songs. Also, I was proud to hear that our outfits were cool on M Countdown and Music Bank. I’ll try to show you my best next time as well.

Minhyuk: In the past, we prepared for the stage with the intention of tearing it apart. But this time, we tried to show a more soft and unconventional look to suit the sensual mood of “Love Killa”. On Show! Music Core the opening of the show went well with the stage that reflected chic aura which went perfectly well with our outfits, so I really liked it. In Inkigayo, they had a photo wall and red carpet in the hallway and all of us members laughed and had a good time and so we performed with even more energy. Even at Naver NOW, where I’m the host of the VogueShip Show, I was so touched that they made a flower road with roses lined from the door to the seat. I’m so happy that I finished my first week with so much support from more people than ever.


Q. At the same time as your comeback, you received The Show Choice on SBS MTV’s The Show and also placed first on MBC every1’s Show! Champion. What did you feel after winning the two crowns?

Shownu: I would like to express my gratitude to our members who worked hard together and to the fans who supported us. I wanted to stay and say hello on the show longer, but I couldn’t because I wanted to show the encore stage quickly. Thank you again and I love you Monbebe!

Minhyuk: I was really busy while preparing for this album. But the members helped me a lot, and I felt more cheered up and motivated when I thought about the fans, and I’m so happy, and I feel rewarded. I’ll continue to work harder.

Kihyun: Thank you so much to Monbebe for letting us win first place on music shows twice as soon as we made a comeback. I wanted to say thank you to the fans in person, but I’m very sorry for not being able to do that.

Hyungwon: Fans loved this song, so we wanted to show you a great performance. We were working hard, but now that we won first place, I’m more confident. We’ll keep trying our best. Thank you very much.

Jooheon: Thanks to Monbebe, we’ve won first place several times, and it’s so touching every time. Thank you so much for helping us win first place unexpectedly. I can’t thank you all enough. Thank you so much for your great love.

I.M: I’m so happy, but on the other hand, I’m so sad that I can’t meet Monbebe in person and share this joy with them. I’ll do my best to show you my best until the day I see you all in person.

Q. Recently, Minhyuk, you made a surprise appearance in MBC’s King of Mask Singer as Bapsae. How did you feel about it?

Minhyuk: The most interesting point of King of Mask Singer is that the singer hides his identity, so I deliberately chose an emotional song rather than a powerful song. Even so, all the Monbebes knew it was me. Also, the judges responded so well on the broadcast, and they gave me a lot of praise so I was able to finish the song well until the end. As I showed you a different look in King of Mask Singer we will try to find songs of various genres in the future as well.

Q. What would you most like to do when the COVID-19 situation improves?

Kihyun: Fan meeting. Our fans are so fun that I’m looking forward to meeting them. I’m so sad that we couldn’t meet our Monbebes during the promotion at the time of the release of FANTASIA X. On Mnet’s M Countdown, I heard Monbebes’ voices and it cheered me up even more. I wanted to meet more fans. I’m just waiting for the day when we can all meet soon.

Shownu: Last July, we had a concert online called MONSTA X LIVE FROM SEOUL WITH LUV. The fans reacted very well online at the time, but it felt very different from seeing them right in front of us. Next time, we’ll make sure to visit all over the world.

Q. Is there any particular goal you wanted to achieve through this album?

Jooheon: Actually, when we first released our album, our goal was to get our fans to enjoy our songs and gain strength. But I’m so thankful and happy that we’ve received so much love for winning first place twice. We’ll continue to work hard so that our fans can enjoy our music more.

I.M: Not getting hurt, not getting sick, and being healthy is always my biggest goal. These days, I think we should compliment everyone just for not falling sick. Our members are so strong that I’m not worried about them, and I’ll do my best to stay healthy so that our fans don’t have to worry about us.

Q. During your hiatus post your last comeback, you continued your global activities, such as becoming the only performer at Time Magazine’s event “TIME100 Talks”. What did you think about that?

Hyungwon: First of all, we are very grateful that we were invited to an event like this. At that time, we were in charge of the opening and closing stages, and we realized the interest of fans all over the world. I would like to say thank you so much to the many people who loved us so we could stand there.

I.M: I was very happy to be able to participate in “Time100 Talks” in a good sense even in the midst of having difficulty leaving Korea due to COVID-19, and as it was a meaningful event held by Time Magazine, I went on stage while feeling more responsible. If there are such opportunities in the future, I would like to participate in those a lot.

Q. You were recently appointed as an ambassador for the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). Tell us your thoughts on the same?

Minhyuk: The more we learn about the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference, which we serve as ambassadors for, the more responsible we feel. This is the second meeting to be held in Korea, and it is an opportunity to look forward to the next 10 years. Once again, thank you very much for appointing us as ambassadors, and we will do our best to promote the International Anti-Corruption Conference.

I.M: I’ve heard that we’ve been nominated as ambassadors for the IACC since we’ve been involved in the #TOGETHERBAND campaign in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. It’s an honor, but it’s a bit of a heavy title, so I felt a lot of pressure. But I was so happy to see the fans were happy about it. We will continue to do our best to become MONSTA X that Monbebe can be proud of.

Q. What kind of entertainment show do you want to do with members?

Shownu: I was on JTBC’s Knowing Bros with Jooheon before, and we had a lot of fun. If all of us members appear on the show together, I think we’ll be able to have more fun and it’ll be interesting for the viewers too.

Minhyuk: I’m hosting the VogueShip Show on Naver NOW, and I hope the members come in the broadcast as guests. It feels very different when I’m alone as opposed to when I’m with the guests. I think it’ll be very special if the members come. More than anything else, the listeners seem to be waiting for the members to come as guests, so I hope they do.

Hyungwon: MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View. It’s a broadcast that I enjoy watching. Although I try to share a lot with the fans, there are a lot of things I haven’t shown yet. Moreover, the members are all so charming on the stage. So if MONSTA X goes on Omniscient Interfering View, I think our fans will be able to fall in love with us again.

I.M: It’s been a while since we’ve been on Running Man. I think it would feel really new to be on the show after such a long time. The members have built up on their sense of humor, and there are a lot of overseas fans who like Running Man. We haven’t been able to meet a lot of overseas fans due to COVID-19 so I hope we can come see them through their favorite shows.

Q. Finally, a word for your fans.

Shownu: Thank you for believing in and waiting for us, and for letting us win twice. Because we can’t meet many fans due to COVID-19, we looked for a lot of ways to communicate with them. We’ll do our best for this promotion, so I hope we can all cheer up and meet in person next time.

Minhyuk: As much as we worked hard on this album, we prepared a lot for Monbebe. Especially since we can’t see each other in person, besides music activities, we’re going to spend a lot of time doing V LIVEs and interacting with the fans. Monbebe, please come and talk with us.

Kihyun: I’m so happy that Monbebe like the songs and the stages. We will continue to work hard to repay your generous love. Thank you always and I love you.

Hyungwon: The more you see the performance of the title song, the more attractive it is. We are grateful that Monbebe also likes this stage, and if you support us in the future, we will do our best to perform.

Jooheon: Monbebe! Thank you for enjoying the songs. We are always preparing to meet Monbebe, so please wait a little longer.

I.M: Unfortunately, we can’t do overseas activities due to COVID-19, so we’re preparing a lot to communicate with global fans. We’re preparing a lot to make sure all Monbebes are happy. Please wait a little longer. We’ll try our best to find you in various ways.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X be captivating fans with their appearances on various music broadcasts and entertainment programs, promoting their third full-length album FATAL LOVE.

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