MONSTA X Gives Fans A Glimpse Of Their Holidays Through “MX Holiday 7”

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From gorging international cuisines to admiring each other’s quirks, MONSTA X’s holiday series makes us feel all warm and tingly inside.

MONSTA X are celebrating Monbebe day on September 26 but before that day comes, the boys are already gifting beautiful content to their lovely fans through social media through MONSTA X Holiday 7.

But what does a sweet holiday with MONSTA X look like? Let’s find out!

1. Shownu’s View

According to our very talented leader, his MONSTA X holiday consists of stunning views, scrumptious food and of course, his members. His captions include #Whatever_WeEat_IsDelicious, #CoffeeIsReallyGood, and #InVietnam_BesideChangkyun. The first picture was a photo he took back in America that reminded him of Monbebes because the background looked so pretty. How cute!

2. Wonho’s View

Always our sentimental little bunny, Wonho finds beauty in every little thing, even if its raining. We’re also sure that Kihyun stans everywhere are thanking Wonho for this ultimate boyfriend picture of Kihyun. In addition to that, he captioned a picture of Hyungwon saying that he’s “handsome all the time” and we couldn’t agree more!

3. Minhyuk’s View

Our little sunshine, Minhyuk showed us that “a nice weather outside” with this photo he took on his holiday. He really knows how to make us hungry as he boasted of a large steak he ate overseas and it wouldn’t be complete with pictures of his co-members, like the one he took while they’re all crammed inside an elevator.

4. Kihyun’s View

MONSTA X’s resident powerhouse vocal and photographer is in the house! Starting off with a picture of the meat he liked in Japan the best, Kihyun showed his soft side too with an adorable picture of a puppy he wants to raise. He captioned the last photo, #NotOnePerson_ButTwoPeople, and along with other Monbebes, we swooned over the thought that cuddles seem to be a common thing among the members. Squeal!

5. Hyungwon’s View

Everyone knows Hyungwon loves shrimp so its also safe to say that he loves lobsters too. He posted a photo of Wonho as Wonhee and simply captioned it as #Innocently but we are squealing over the fact that “Hyungwonho” posted about each other on their holidays. He also included a “#Rebel” picture of Shownu showing off his piercings but what makes his post the best is the picture of cute Jooheon waking up from his airplane nap because he smelled Hyungwon’s food in the air. Can you see how adorable Jooheon is?

6. Jooheon’s View

It seems like MONSTA X really loves to eat with each other and Jooheon proved that with his holiday pictures. He also posted a picture of Minhyuk, who seems to be in a committed relationship with his bed. It looks like his favorite member at the moment is Kihyun as he included an emotional picture of him, admiring their hotel room view, as well as a photo of Kihyun and Jooheon’s niece, Olivia, captioning it with a hashtag, #AFuture_ThoughtfulFather_ChiefYoo. It just makes us tear up.

7. I.M’s View

It looks like our charismatic maknae enjoyed their trip to Amsterdam as he included a photo of the iconic river view with the caption, #APlace_ThatIHave_ToGoBackTo. He also threw in a picture of Jooheon relaxing but he thinks that Jooheon looks like he’s taking a selfie. And always, the king of fan service, he posted a picture of his hand curved into half a heart and invited Monbebes everywhere to complete it with him. I.M is so sweet!

MONSTA X’s holiday series is not over yet so stay tuned for updates on their Twitter, Instagram and V Live channel.

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