MONSTA X Sings “Here We Are” In OST For New TWOTUCKGOM Web Variety Show

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MONSTA X showed that they are kings of owning multiple genres as they venture into the land of hip hop with their newest OST!

MONSTA X released their second original soundtrack collaboration with TWOTUCKGOM—this time, for their latest web variety series MONSTA X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day!

monsta x twotuckgom

The group has unveiled another single titled “Here We Are” on March 18 at 6 PM KST as their own ongoing web variety show’s OST!

Challenging the boys in taking care of an energetic five-year-old child all on their own, MONSTA X’s TWOTUCKBEBE Day premiered on February 27 and will run for a total of ten episodes.

Aired every Tuesday and Friday at 7 PM KST, the show serves as the group’s second web program collaboration with TWOTUCKGOM following MONSTA X’s Puppy Days in 2019.

A bright old-school hip hop song, “Here We Are” makes listeners feel the charm of the members who flexed their versatility as musicians by crossing a new genre and offering a fresh sound once again.

Moreover, the OST gave an interesting twist of letting the group’s vocalists deliver a light-hearted and enjoyable rap which matched its upbeat rhythm, proving the well-roundedness of every MONSTA X member.

“You’re the one who gets me up every day, every night/ It’s just good to be together every day, every night/ Right here, here we are,” members of the group sang in its chorus.

Hit producers Kigen and OUOW wrote the melodies and lyrics for the song, while the rising producing team BYMORE arranged its lively old-school sound by incorporating instruments like guitar and bass.

Unfortunately, only five members of MONSTA X were able to record for the OST, leaving curiosity on how this switch-up of the members’ positions would have been even more interesting to hear being executed by the complete group.

Listen to “Here We Are” by MONSTA X on Melon.