MONSTA X’s I.M And Jooheon Talk About Their Start As Rappers & Dynamics On Stage

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The ultimate rap gods of MONSTA X – I.M and Jooheon – talk about their dynamics and the beginning of their passion in their chosen field.

Though they are the two youngest members of MONSTA X, I.M and Jooheon make it a point to always bring fire on stage with their intense performances – especially their hard-hitting raps.

Photo from Nylon Japan

During their recent interview with Nylon Japan, the group’s rap duo shared how they started out their journeys as rappers – especially what they liked most in their chosen field.

“Although I have always liked raps, I started rapping because I liked the possibility of being able to express my hidden thoughts through it. I think that in rap, I can honestly express things like my stories, emotions, feelings, and messages that aren’t usually shown in music,” I.M shared.

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“Ever since I was a kid, I liked moving my body to music. Sometimes I would listen to rap, and it isn’t the type of music where the song overlaps with the soft melodies. It had dynamic sounds superimposed on the soft melodies and I thought that the part where its lyrics can also send the message that I want to assert is cool,” Joohoney said.

“Moreover, there were a lot of rapper friends around me, so we jut started rapping together,” he added.

Photo from Nylon Japan

The two also revealed their dynamics on stage, which despite their admittedly different styles, work so well in bringing the house down every time they spit bars.

“In rap, voice tone is important. If I were to compare, I.M is like a jeep or an off-road car while I’m like a sports car,” Joohoney said. “My raps are fast and include many words while I.M makes good use of his voice’s power,” he explained.

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“We’re like ying and yang. For example, when we perform on stage, Jooheon wears clothes with yellow, tiger prints and I wear black-based, leopard-printed outfits. The contrast between us is expressed not only by music but also by clothes,” I.M also shared.