MONSTA X Gets Dynamic In “Kiss Or Death” Time Warp Version Teaser

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MONSTA X showcases their exceptional style in out-of-this-world “Time Warp” version music video teaser for their forthcoming single “Kiss Or Death”!

MONSTA X is certainly turning up the excitement of fans with the unveiling of their latest teaser. The six stunners looked bold in black as they traveled into the future. 

In the “Time Warp” version video, MONSTA X uses the time warp ability to once again transcend time and space. The boys command the ambiance in an unmanned cockpit of the express train that takes them into the future.

The group previously displayed a timeless glam with their classic looks in their “Crime Scene” version video. In this clip, the sextet showcases a reversal of charm with their voguish futuristic styles.


Additionally, viewers get a glimpse of the track to which the group performs. This contrasting scenario against the previous teaser which is paired with their power-packed synchronization undeniably raises expectations for the upcoming release. Moreover the addictive beat of the song revealed so far only accelerates the anticipation for what kind of musical style the multifaceted group will showcase. 

MONSTA X has garnered rave reviews for their electrifying discography since their debut. The group is loved not only in Korea, but also by global K-Pop fans due to their unique charm. Through their recently released ninth mini-album One Of A Kind, they spotlighted their ever-evolving growth as solid ace artists. Moreover, with their magnificent performances, they only proved just why they are owning the title of kings of the stage. 


Meanwhile, MONSTA X will be dropping their dynamic new tune, titled “KISS OR DEATH”, on various music sites on July 26 at 6 PM KST. The music video for the same will release on the same day. While only the preview of the video will go live on YouTube, the full version is set to release exclusively through the Universe app.

Images Credits To: Starship Entertainment | Universe Music