MONSTA X’s Joohoney And I.M Exhibit Ethereal Elegance In “FANTASIA X” Teaser Photos + Group Photo Unveiled

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Going up next in delivering ethereal looks are MONSTA X’s Joohoney and I.M in their latest comeback teaser photos!

MONSTA X’s Joohoney and I.M projected pure perfection in their exquisite set of teaser photos for the second version of their mini-album FANTASIA X prior to its release this May 11!

monsta x joohoney i.m fantasia x

Containing the similar Greek-god-like aura as the other concept photos under their new mini-album’s second version, MONSTA X’s two rappers exuded elegance with their ethereal visuals which were highly highlighted on their unit photo released on May 3.

In addition to this, Joohoney gave a powerful gaze which contrasted his soft, pastel pink hair for his individual teaser photo. His loveliness and suave were further amplified by the art pieces in the background, capturing a classy and avant-garde atmosphere.

monsta x joohoney fantasia x

Meanwhile, I.M previewed his majestic mauve-coloured locks while giving the camera a side gaze, emphasizing his sharp and striking side profile even more for his solo snapshot. The way that the sunlight subtly hits his face also drew attention to the photo, adding in a sophisticated feel.

monsta x i.m fantasia x

Wrapping up the second version, MONSTA X also revealed their group photo where they captivated fans in their creme-coloured outfits and concept once more.

monsta x fantasia x

With this, the first and second version of their concept photos have been unveiled, together with their rich tracklist for FANTASIA X which previewed the seven magnificent tracks that they prepared.

They have also shared a series of black-and-white concept trailers that spoiled the titles of some tracks from the mini-album. The clips also showed glimpses of the intriguing storyline featured in the group’s forthcoming comeback music video.

Photos from Starship Entertainment


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