MONSTA X’s Joohoney Releases A Phenomenal “PSYCHE” Music Video Teaser

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MONSTA X’s Joohoney is here to make a powerful statement with swag!

MONSTA X’s Joohoney took to the group’s official SNS and dropped a special surprise for fans. He unveiled a music video teaser of his title track from his recently released mixtape PSYCHE. The teaser is thrilling to state the least and showcases the rapper’s raw charisma with intensity. 

The teaser showcases various colored and monochromatic stills of the artist who doesn’t shy away from shaking hearts with his bold gaze. In the video the multifold charms of Joohoney are cleverly highlighted. Specially in instances such as him running aimlessly and passing by posters that read “Keep calm and Joohoney”, revealing his dynamic dance moves as well as looking like a boss in a suave suit.  

The MONSTA X member looks show-stopping in this breathtaking music video teaser. “PSYCHE” is a superlative song that boasts of an addictive hook based of a minimal drum beat while its deep lyricism expresses the success and failures experienced in life.

The upcoming release is the third music video from the mixtape. Joohoney had previously released the fiery video for “INTRO : AMBITION”. The multitalented musician divided the music video into four sections. Each of the section in the track as well as the video is an intro from different comeback stages by MONSTA X. Joohoney then took viewers on an emotional journey through the music video for his sub-title track “SMOKY”. 


The mixtape has been garnering rave reviews from listeners across the globe for its versatile sounds. The album is aptly named PSYCHE for Joohoney gives a glimpse into his beautiful mind as he projects his emotions and thoughts through each of the smashing songs. 

Meanwhile, the teaser for the titular track has undoubtedly raised anticipations. And adding to its overall thrill, the release date of the full music video is still under wraps. 

Source: Starship Entertainment